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Willy & Jimmy! [Maternity Session]

Willy is one of the first high school friends I met when I moved to Florida in 2005!

We had a “Veterinary Assistant” class together. Her and I groomed horses, took care of chinchillas and other animals. In fact, she witnessed me getting kicked in the knee by a horse during class!

Her and I have kept in touch on Facebook since we graduated high school. She contacted me recently about taking maternity photos for her and Jimmy which was so exciting! I was so happy to find out that she was having a little baby boy! So we met at Starbucks to talk about the type of shoot she wanted and to just catch up on life. I had such a pleasant time with her. πŸ™‚

When the day of the shoot came, we met at their new house and took photos there first and finished the shoot at Botanical Gardens. It was a perfect day for pictures and the images were full of beautiful sunlight! I was extremely excited to edit when I got home.

I hope you guys love these photos as much as I do. Congratulations on your baby boy; I can’t wait to meet him!


I love these black and white photos!

Jimmy & Willy2 +WEBSITE1 +WEBSITE2

Simply gorgeous.

IMG_2814-1 IMG_2820-1 IMG_2828-1 IMG_2894-1 IMG_2841-1 +WEBSITE4 +WEBSITE3 +WEBSITE5 +WEBSITE6 +WEBSITE7

baby’s first phone picture! πŸ™‚

IMG_2949-1 IMG_2942-1 +WEBSITE8 +WEBSITE9 IMG_2956-1

Just two months to go!!

IMG_2961-1 +WEBSITE10 +WEBSITE11 IMG_2978-1 IMG_2983-1

The sun was POURING into these next set of photos and I just fell in love. Have I mentioned how much I love the golden hour??


Woman! You are just so pretty!

IMG_3000-1 +WEBSITE14 +WEBSITE16 IMG_3026-1 IMG_3035-1 IMG_3043-1 +WEBSITE17 IMG_3054-1 Jimmy & Willy +WEBSITE18 IMG_3066-1-2

Willy, you are absolutely stunning!

Jimmy & Willy1 IMG_3085-1 +WEBSITE19 +WEBSITE20 +WEBSITE21 +WEBSITE22 IMG_3123-1 IMG_3129-1 +WEBSITE23 IMG_3163-1

It’s a BOY!!!

+WEBSITE24 IMG_3178-1 IMG_3190-1

Jimmy took the umbrella at one point during the shoot and I caught it on camera! He’s probably gonna kill me for posting them! πŸ™‚ Can’t say I didn’t warn him!

+WEBSITE25 IMG_3195-1 IMG_3204-1 IMG_3198-1 IMG_3246-1 +WEBSITE26

Awwww little shoes!

+WEBSITE27 Jimmy & Willy6 IMG_3258-1 +WEBSITE28 +WEBSITE29 Jimmy & Willy4 +WEBSITE30

This was when the sun was setting, I couldn’t stop telling them how cute they were!

+WEBSITE31 IMG_3272-1 IMG_3278-1-2 IMG_3297-1-3 IMG_3292-1-2

xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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