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What Is Passion And 3 ways To Find It

Before we start, I want to clear up what I mean about passion. I am not talking about romance and desire. Today, I want to look at passion as in something we love to doing and are hopefully good at. Almost like our purpose, but more like “a” purpose.

 “I’m lucky — I’ve found my passion, and I’m living it. I can testify that it’s the most wonderful thing, to be able to make a living doing what you love.” – Leo Babauta

To be completely honest, I (Jon) have not yet truly found my passion. I am pursuing interests in hopes to finding it one day though. Many people are still searching to find it but really the only way to find your passion is through action and prayer.

Action to keep trying things and prayer for direction

images (1) I know one girl who found her passion. You know her too, my wife. Tiffany has been passionate about photography since she first saw a camera! At first it was just a hobby she loved and she never really considered pursuing it as a profession. But then things changed.

I am very blessed to be her husband. Being so close with her, I have learned a few things and I want to share them with you. She puts a ton of effort and hours into her work. And now that I’m married, I really see the value in the captured moments of photography. Those moments don’t last long either, especially in weddings (you only have one chance).

So, we know it’s possible to get and we know some people have it but, what is it really?

What is passion?

Let’s start out with the simple definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary. According to them, passion means, “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”. (see here) Personally, I think a passion is something you do that you extremely enjoy.

Something that your good at, love doing, and light up just by thinking about it. Not only do you know it but when you’re with your friends, you can’t help not to bring it up. It doesn’t have to be something that you make money with either. It could be something that you just do because it’s fun. You don’t even really need a reason why.

So, have you found your passion?

Let’s do a little digging and see what we can find. I have a list of three things that I would like you to review slowly. Think about each one specifically. Take your time. As you move through this list I would like to encourage you to grab a pen and paper and make your own list.

1. Interests

This one should be pretty easy. Make a list of all your interests. At this time, it doesn’t matter what they are, we are just creating a list. Think about all things you enjoy doing, all the things you’re good at. Even think back to when you were a child too!

2. Dreams

What do you want to learn? What do you dream about doing? It’s never too late to go after them. You don’t even need a full plan to pursue it. You can stumble into great things and sometimes it finds you.

3. Try New Things

Mix things up. Go do something different. Get some friends together and play a new sport, try painting, cooking, maybe get a new hobby. Whether or not you end up finding a new passion this way, you still are able to shake things up and that may lead you to something very special.

Whatever it is, it may be just outside of your comfort zone. Get over your fear and try it out! Especially if you’re young because you have it so much easier to recover from any failures. Don’t think of failures as a negative thing because all failures are just learning experiences.

Brainstorm about your interests, look into your past, and try something new. If you do that, I’m sure it will help you on your quest toward finding your passion.

God Bless,
Jon McClure

P.S. If you’re into photography, send us a message. We would love to help with any area. It could be about finding the right ISO, forming a business from your hobby, how to properly track expenses, or the best way to display your work.

Jon McClure

Husband to Tiffany, Jon Co-Founded FEATUREDphotog, a site for aspiring photographers to submit their photography and learn from the pros on the FP Podcast!

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