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TMP’s Top Posts of 2015

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Let’s mix things up a little bit. Hi, my name is JoN and I’m the husband to this wonderful lady whose website you’re on right now. Yeah, I hijacked her site for a few minutes to post this and I hope everyone likes it.

I always like to wonder which posts and pages get the most traffic and shares. I personally like to check out sites like buzzsumo.com to see how my websites are doing compared to heavy traffic sites in the industry.

Then it hit me that Tiffany should have a top posts, post for 2015.

So, naturally I went to the stats page of Tiffany’s site (I help tiff manage her website so I have easy access 😉 ) and I was able to track down the top posts for 2015. I’m not totally sure if she wants me to share this with you but I want to share fun posts on her website for you all that isn’t only a photo session post, but something different!

Don’t get me wrong, her photo session posts are totally awesome and I love the way she tells the story, such as the setup that sets the tone of the images that follow the post. If you agree to wanting more posts about our family (like Liam and Tucker), or photography tips, or fun random posts like this one, contact her and bug her so she will let me do more like this for you guys.

I have also challenged her to do one non-session blog post a month that share a little bit more about her. Do you think she can do it? I think she can (and I’ll be sure to nag her until she gets it done). 🙂 With all that been said, let’s get into it.

If you’ve read this far you must really be curious in seeing what Tiff’s top posts are for 2015. And yes it may be a little late for top posts from the previous year but nonetheless let’s check it out.

But before I share with you, do you have any thoughts of what the top posts were from 2015? Do you think they were all session posts?

Alright I think I dragged this on long enough… for real, this time let’s get to it.

5. Emily & Kenny

Engagement Session | Downtown St. Pete


This cute couple was very easy to work with and their engagement session post in downtown St. Pete made the cut! Engaged couples make for some of the best subjects because they are always beaming with love for each other and it definitely shows through in the photos. Not only was Tiffany able to capture their engagement (and test out new flash technique), we recently shot their wedding! [Check out their Engagement and Wedding posts] [wedding post coming soon]

4. Josh & Michele

Engagement Session | Clearwater Air Park


The Engagement session for Josh and Michele is up next. This session was shot in Clearwater, Florida, at the Clearwater Air Park! Their session was very unique to us because we had never shot in a place like this. It was exciting to be able to walk around the park and use some of the planes as props (no pun intended). [Check out their Engagement post and be looking for their Wedding blog in August 2016]

3. Chase & Annabeth

Family Session | Sand Key Park


On the list, this cute family of two! Annabeth and Chase are a couple we met last year and quickly became close friends. They are semi-new to the area but became connected with other creatives quickly! This session took place on a side road tucked in Sand Key Park. It was actually a photo swap we did right before Christmas time. Annabeth photographed Tiff, Liam and I and then we photographed them! [Check out their Family session post]

2. Ryan & Michelle

Engagement Session | Millennium Park


Michelle and Ryan’s Engagement session is on the top for session posts in 2015 (and their 2016 wedding will for sure top the charts of this post next year too)! This session took place in the, some-might-call “hidden” Millennial Park. It started out being a gorgeous day then the weather turned a little unfavorable but we were still able to capture some breathtaking shots! Can you guess which ones they were? [Check out their Engagement session and Wedding post]

1. Top 5 Wedding Venues

List Post | Pinellas County


I was surprised and also not surprised that this post made the cut. It’s not a session post but a quick look at some of the top wedding venues of Pinellas County (think St. Pete, Seminole, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, ect.). People in this area want to know all about the best wedding venues and I’m sure will continue coming to this post. I think I’ll go and update the post and quite possibly make some more resources like this to add to Tiff’s site.

Did any of those surprise you? Did you like those? Did you click the links and check them out again and relive those memories? Feel free to comment about what you thought of this posts or even just to say hi.

And since this is my wife’s website, I can do a quick shout out and shameless plug. Tiffany, I love you and your work is absolutely breathtaking.

It’s amazing to see you work and improve and strive to be the best you can possibly be. It’s fun watching all of the different things you do to make yourself a better photographer and person, plus, it’s really fun watching you work with your clients in such a genuinely fun and sometimes goofy way. 😉

As for the shameless plug, if you’re ready to book your photo session, please contact her immediately, she books up fast and has limited availability to begin with. But don’t worry if she is unavailable during your particular dates, I guarantee she will help find you the absolute best photographer in the area to help you with any of your photography needs.

Tiff strives to be a member of the photography community by sharing opportunities, being an encouragement, and a great friend. Just like the Rising Tide Society’s motto, “#CommunityOverCompetition”, Tiff is a great depiction of that!

Hope you enjoyed your time here and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks for reading!

Jon McClure

Husband to Tiffany, Jon Co-Founded FEATUREDphotog, a site for aspiring photographers to submit their photography and learn from the pros on the FP Podcast!

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