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The Van Hoven’s! [Family Session]


If I had to choose the best dressed clients I’ve had this year, Melissa David and Noah would definitely be in the top three! I absolutely loved the outfits they chose to wear for the shoot!

The location they picked is also where they had their wedding ceremony. It’s called the “Sacred Lands” and you would never know it existed unless you’ve heard about it through the grape vine or stumbled upon on their website. Let me just say, its beautiful!!! There were peacocks EVERYWHERE! Just wait, you’ll see! We watched them get fed and little Noah had no fear whatsoever. He was running after them with a face full of excitement and adventure; pure boy!

In the middle of the shoot, Melissa and David took out their unique instruments and started playing them while Noah danced around and tried to play them himself. It was really fun to be a part of. As we were nearing the end, they changed into holiday attire and took pictures for their Christmas cards. We watched the sunset on the water before we packed up to leave. It was beautiful! I really love how all of these photos came out and am thrilled to share them with you all!

Thank you guys so much for choosing me to take your family photos, I greatly appreciate it! Have a fantastic Christmas!

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Tiffany McClure

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