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Mr. & Mrs. McCallister [Wedding]

Monica and Jacob were such a joy to photograph and I was so glad I got the opportunity to be a part of their special day!

Monica’s Aunt [who is friends with my boss] had posted that her niece was looking for a photographer for their wedding that will be held in Florida [because they live in Kansas!]. So, he gave her aunt my contact info and then she sent me an e-mail. The cool thing about it was that she was asking several photographers in the area about their rates and details of wedding packages, and ended up narrowing it down to myself and one other photographer. The way she chose between us was by asking about 10 questions; The last question being, “What makes you a good wedding photographer?” I had never been asked that to determine if I got a job or not. But the question made it very eye opening for me to be able to write out an explanation that I already knew but had not really expressed before. Receiving the e-mail back from her that said “We choose YOU to be our wedding photographer” was extremely exciting!

5 months later, I was able to meet her and Jacob while shooting their wedding! It was a very small and intimate wedding that was held on Treasure Island. It was easier to do it that way since they live in Kansas. [Soon after meeting them, I asked if there is really “no place like home.” Yes, I did quote the Wizard of Oz, how could I not?] Before the actual wedding, Monica had asked if I could do a mini-shoot of the two of them in normal clothes because they had never had professional pictures taken and figured, while they are down here, they might as well! We found a nice little place on the beach near some big rocks and took the shots there. After that, they went and changed into their wedding attire while some family members arrived at the beach to witness the ceremony.

The ceremony lasted maybe 10 minutes; papers were signed, a toast was made and these two lovebirds were officially married! We took some sweet photo’s and then, they said something I’ve always wanted to hear from a bride and groom. “Let’s run into the water in our wedding clothes!” SCORE!! I was all for it of course, so they took off their shoes and ran into the water! They were so carefree and fun to work with. I’m so glad they chose me to capture their special day.

Monica and Jacob, I wish you guys the best in your marriage! I’ll have to visit Kansas sometime to see what “home” is really like! πŸ™‚


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Jacob definitely sat on some sand-spurs during the first part of shooting but he was a trooper and Monica pulled
them off one by one! What a great wife πŸ˜‰

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It’s official!!!

IMG_9221-1 IMG_9227-1 IMG_9232-1 IMG_9237-1 IMG_9313-1 IMG_9314-1 IMG_9321-1 IMG_9324-1 IMG_9334-1 IMG_9335-1 IMG_9347-1 IMG_9350-1 IMG_9359-1 IMG_9379-1 IMG_9386 IMG_9386a-1 IMG_9395-1 IMG_9401-1-2 IMG_9411-1 IMG_9413-1


Yep, they are gonna do it. Only the most awesome and spontaneous couple would do this.


“Are you sure we’re gonna do this hunny?”


“Heck yes!! RUN!!”

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Tiffany McClure

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  • Omg…loooooooove this!!! It was so amazing to work with you and we are so so happy with the pictures! They are more amazing than I could have imagined! <3