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The McMillans| Family Session| Phillipe Park


I’ve known this musically talented family for several years now and have always admired how almost all of them love being on stage singing in church.

Four of them are actually touring, singing in a bunch of different states and are making a name for themselves! Which is one of the reasons Jessica booked me to take some photos for their newest CD!

I had never taken pictures for a CD cover before so it was pretty awesome having that experience! We went to Phillipe Park and took some photos specifically for their cover and then family photos afterwards! The whole time the sun was trying to slip away and bring on a storm. As soon as we left, it started pouring!

I had a great time taking photos for them and Jon came along and took a couple behind the scenes photos/video that we are planning to use on the website once we finish putting it together! ๐Ÿ™‚ While you’re looking through these photos, you should check out their website and play some of their songs in the background! Enjoy!

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Tiffany McClure

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