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The Labrant’s! [Family/Adoption Session]


Let me just start by saying, I wouldn’t say I know this family well, but I will say that by the end of the shoot, I loved them and their big hearts!

Jon and I actually have a cool connection with Tami and Bobby. My mom went to school with them and high school youth group “back in the day” πŸ™‚Β  Bobby was also Jon’s basketball, track, and PE coach in Middle & High School. Not only that, but Bobby’s parents, Dick and Karen were our pre-marital mentors whom we love so very much! They taught us a lot about ourselves and each other that we didn’t realize and we look up to them more than they know. So when Tami asked me to take their family photos, I was thrilled!

The main reason for needing updated family pictures was the fact that they gained an adorable family member, officially! They call him Peanut, but named him Truman. He is 2 years old now, but 21 months ago, they started the long process of adoption. They prayed and waited, prayed and waited. God officially answered their prayers on September 3rd of this year! Little Peanut is now apart of their beautiful family. So happy and excited for them and this fantastic opportunity!

The shoot went very well, we had a ton of fun and Jon was able to help out a lot! At one point the little guy got tired while I was taking pictures of Tami and Bobby so Jon held him…I melted. So sweet. Now, here’s some of my favorites from their session!

Congratulations again you guys!!

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As we were walking over the bridge, Truman dropped his sippy cup over the side and his brave sister climbed down and got it!

2014-11-05_0025 2014-11-05_0026 2014-11-05_0027 2014-11-05_0028 2014-11-05_0029 2014-11-05_0030 2014-11-05_0032

Look at that little face! πŸ™‚

2014-11-05_0033 2014-11-05_0031 2014-11-05_0034 2014-11-05_0035 2014-11-05_0036 2014-11-05_0037 2014-11-05_0038 2014-11-05_0039 2014-11-05_0040 2014-11-05_0041 2014-11-05_0042 2014-11-05_0043 2014-11-05_0044 2014-11-05_0045 2014-11-05_0046 2014-11-05_0047 2014-11-05_0048 2014-11-05_0049 2014-11-05_0050 2014-11-05_0051 2014-11-05_0052 2014-11-05_0053 2014-11-05_0054 2014-11-05_0055 2014-11-04_0011


Tiffany McClure

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