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The Kierspe’s | Family Session | Sand Key Park


You guys, these are two of the kindest and big hearted people I know!!

We only met Annabeth and Chase three months ago [has it really only been 3 months?!] but we feel like they’ve been good friends for years! They are from South Carolina and have the cutest southern accents, you’d love them!

Annabeth and I were both offering mini-sessions this past month and she asked me one day if I’d like to swap mini’s with her and I totally jumped on the opportunity! One of the perks of being a photographer is having photographer friends who swap sessions with you! 😉 You can check the photos she took of us here!

We met at Sand Key Park when the light was absolutely gorgeous! We took turns shooting each others family and had a blast! They laughed together for most of the session and at the end, God decided to make the most beautiful cotton candy colored sunset! Ahhhh I could have taken pictures of it for hours!  Then we took a couple head shots for each other! I’m so over due for new ones and I actually don’t even have Liam in my “Meet Tiffany” section on the website! Can’t. believe. it. :O

So I’m very thankful that she’s helping me get some photos to update my website with! After the session we had a double date at Cody’s Roadhouse…amazing. We couldn’t get enough of the rolls! haha Anyway, I hope you enjoy a bunch of my favorites from their session!

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xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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