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The Grellas! [Family Session]

This has got to be high on the list of adorable family sessions I’ve shot! It was my first time meeting Megan, Ryan and little Logan. Their personalities won me over right when we started shooting!

Jon and I met them at the Safety Harbor Pier/Marina. I had never done a session there but have wanted to for quite some time. That is actually the same place Jon asked me to be his girlfriend. I know, I know.. I’m not trying to get all mushy on you guys. But come to think of it, It didn’t even occur to me during the shoot that, that’s where we were. Now, thinking about it, I’d love to go back and reminisce! Anyway, off of my bunny trail.

It was a great location but it was incredibly windy! We tried positioning ourselves away from the wind and  also used kayaks and fountains to block it from hitting us directly. We didn’t last long on the pier but we made it work! 🙂 This family was up for anything! Logan made his taxi a part of the session as well! I think it added the touch of yellow that we needed! 😉 I’ve learned, when doing sessions with little ones, I just have to follow them around with my camera doing what they would naturally do and some great candid/real shots will come out of it!

By the end of their session, Logan was pooped and we were all pretty tired. After saying our goodbye’s, Jon and I saw Coldstone Creamery, looked at each other and immediately decided…YES. We shared the chocolate devotion but got cake batter ice-cream mixed in as well as some butterfinger! It was the sweetest way to end a great shoot! Thank you Megan and Ryan for trusting me to take your family photos!! We enjoyed meeting you guys and hanging with your sweet family! I hope you all love some of my favorites from the shoot!

Merry Christmas!

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xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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