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The Fruits! | Family Session | Eagle Lake Park


For those of you who don’t know, this is part of my own family! They were my very first paid session when I started my photography business and I’ve been taking their family pictures ever since!

As a photographer, It’s very flattering to have your own flesh and blood come back to you every year [or every other] for their family pictures. This year, we went to a pretty park and then near the intercoastal for sunset. They also had an idea to use my uncle’s new jeep as a prop, so we found a side road and took some really unique shots! I hope you all enjoy their pictures as much as I do!

2014-11-22_0001 2014-11-22_0002 2014-11-22_0003 2014-11-22_0004 2014-11-22_0005 2014-11-22_0006 2014-11-22_0007

They made a little friend during the shoot! πŸ™‚

2014-11-22_0008 2014-11-22_0009 2014-11-22_0010 2014-11-22_0011 2014-11-22_0012 2014-11-22_0013 2014-11-22_0014 2014-11-22_0015 2014-11-22_0016 2014-11-22_0017 2014-11-22_0018 2014-11-22_0019 2014-11-22_0020

haha! two of my favorites!

2014-11-22_0021 2014-11-22_0022 2014-11-22_0023 2014-11-22_0024 2014-11-22_0025 2014-11-22_0026 2014-11-22_0027

My cousins are turning into beeeautiful young ladies!

2014-11-22_0028 2014-11-22_0029 2014-11-22_0030 2014-11-22_0031 2014-11-22_0033 2014-11-22_0034 2014-11-22_0035 2014-11-22_0032 2014-11-22_0036 2014-11-22_0037 2014-11-22_0038 2014-11-22_0039 2014-11-22_0040 2014-11-22_0041 2014-11-22_0042 2014-11-22_0043 2014-11-22_0044

The sunset was BEAUTIFUL! We made it to the intercoastal right after the sun set.

2014-11-22_0045 2014-11-22_0047 2014-11-22_0048 2014-11-22_0049 2014-11-22_0050

Tucker came along for the shoot and decided to drive us home. πŸ™‚

2014-11-22_0051 2014-11-22_0052

xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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