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Stephanie + Ryan | Engagement Session | Redington Beach


Stephanie and Ryan’s beach engagement session was nothing short of beautiful!! The weather was perfect and we got golden hour portraits at their finest!

I met Stephanie for the first time just a few weeks ago! She told me that Redington Beach is special to them and it’s somewhere they go often, so it only makes sense to shoot their engagement session at that location! I am SO glad she chose it too! During their session I could just see how much they love each other when they were laughing together!

They brought their dogs and a bunch of family along and everyone was super sweet, not to mention, they all had a great sense of humor! During the sunset photos at the end, Stephanie’s mom said, “They look like they could be in a magazine!!” and you’ll see, they really could be!! You two are super photogentic and ya make me look good! haha!

They also wanted to be adventurous and walk in the chilly water before their second outfit change! I loved how they came out! I can’t wait for their November wedding and a chance to photograph this sweet couple again! Enjoy a bunch of my favorites!!


Such cute pups!!

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Love the joy in this photo!

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Mom- “They look like they could be in a magazine!!” …..ummm no doubt. Mama’s right, LOOK AT THEM!

2016-02-22_0056 2016-02-22_0057 2016-02-22_0058 2016-02-22_0059 2016-02-22_0060 2016-02-22_0061 2016-02-22_0062 2016-02-22_0063 2016-02-22_0064 2016-02-22_0065 2016-02-22_0066

xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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