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Silvia + Cory | Sand Key Park | Maternity Session


If you’re wondering why Silvia looks familiar, it’s because she was one of the first photographers that I had the privilege of mentoring this past year!

Now, she is a couple months away from having an adorable baby boy! I was thrilled when Silvia asked me to photograph their maternity session! We went to Sand Key for more of a variety of shots and though it was hot, the weather made for a gorgeous evening. They also wore pastel colors which gave me heart eyes their entire session!!

She wore a pink flowy maternity gown for the second half of the session that literally made every photo come to life! You’ll see what I mean in the WAY TOO MANY photos I’m posting, below! We also found a little crab, which Cory name “Albi” (because the crab was white!! It was so cute!)Ā  At the end of their session we ran into some of the girls from our photo group so you’ll see a couple photos of them at the bottom as well!

Can’t wait to see your baby boy in September and I’m so excited for you guys to experience parenthood! It’s pretty awesome, I must say. I hope you guys love your photos! <3

2016-07-11_0001 2016-07-11_0002 2016-07-11_0003 2016-07-11_0004 2016-07-11_0005 2016-07-11_0006 2016-07-11_0007 2016-07-11_0008 2016-07-11_0009 2016-07-11_0010 2016-07-11_0011 2016-07-11_0012

I love the pastels in this image!!!!

2016-07-11_0013 2016-07-11_0014 2016-07-11_0015 2016-07-11_0018 2016-07-11_0019 2016-07-11_0020 2016-07-11_0021 2016-07-11_0022 2016-07-11_0023 2016-07-11_0024 Ā  2016-07-11_0026 2016-07-11_0027 2016-07-11_0028 2016-07-11_0029 2016-07-11_0030 2016-07-11_0031 2016-07-11_0032 2016-07-11_0033 2016-07-11_0034 2016-07-11_0035 2016-07-11_0036 2016-07-11_0037 2016-07-11_0038 2016-07-11_0039

Gosh. She is so gorgeous!

2016-07-11_0040 2016-07-11_0041 2016-07-11_0042 2016-07-11_0043 2016-07-11_0044 2016-07-11_0045 2016-07-11_0046 2016-07-11_0047 2016-07-11_0048 2016-07-11_0049 2016-07-11_0050 2016-07-11_0051 2016-07-11_0052 2016-07-11_0053

AHHHHHH!! This is one of my all time favorites below!

2016-07-11_0054 2016-07-11_0055 2016-07-11_0056 2016-07-11_0057 2016-07-11_0058 2016-07-11_0059 2016-07-11_0060 2016-07-11_0061 2016-07-11_0062 2016-07-11_0063 2016-07-11_0064

Meet Albi!

2016-07-11_0065 2016-07-11_0066

There’s Elaine and Shawna from our photo group! šŸ™‚

2016-07-11_0067 2016-07-11_0068

This is Shawna!!

2016-07-11_0069 2016-07-11_0070

xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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  • Tiffany These are Gorgeous!! Congradulations Silvia you are beautiful and have some amazing photos the remember tis moment.