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Samantha & Colin [Family Session]

This is my 5th time taking photos for Samantha! She has stayed true since the very beginning of my photography venture.

I’ve watched their family grow and have enjoyed being the one to capture some of their dearest moments. Such as: getting married, being pregnant with another little girl, and family portraits as the girls get older. I love every bit of it!

Sam wanted to get their pictures taken at Heritage Village this year. It was decorated for Christmas and was the perfect backdrop for their Christmas card photos! They brought tinsel, glittery ornaments, and a few other props. I was able to contribute a few reindeer signs and headbands which turned out really cute.

Jon came with me to the session and towards the end, I wanted to get a couple of just Colin and Samantha. So, Jon gladly chased the girls around so I could snap a few! [He’s always a big help. :)] In the middle of taking pictures of Sam and Colin, the girls ran over with some gold garland and started wrapping it around them! It’s was adorable and a perfect moment to capture! Kids are funny that way; they have a mind of their own and you can never predict what they’ll do next. That is my favorite part of taking family photos!

I’m so happy that I’m able to continue being their family photographer! Enjoy!!

PS. If you can’t see the image well, click it! It will make it the correct size and less grainy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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