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PostalPix Crafts [DIY]


Hey friends! I’m not sure if you guys knew it or not, but not only do I enjoy taking photos, I love printing photos and displaying them in creative ways!

I just started ordering prints from a company called PostalPix because my sweet photog friend, Laura, kept raving about their prints! It’s an App you can get on your phone and order prints straight through it without having to go on your computer, upload pictures, pay online, etc. They do all kinds of sizes, [I ordered a bunch of 4×4’s] metal prints, phone cases with your pictures on them, mouse pads and more!

I knew my order was coming in the mail in a few days  so this week I decided to make a yarn photo-wreath! The wreath will be the main focus of this post!

First, here’s the list of things you’ll need: 2014-08-19_0014 2014-08-19_0013

All of these items can be purchased at Michaels craft store, aside from the photos!

First, take the yarn and wrap it as many times as it takes to cover all of the styrofoam. Every 6 or 7 times I wrapped it, I made sure to pull it very tight and slide the yarn pieces as close together as possible. I didn’t use the hot glue gun until I was wrapping the very last strands.

Next, you hot glue a long piece of yarn to the back. I chose to zig-zag mine, but you could also use a few separate pieces and glue from side to side. Just keep in mind the amount of space you want between your hanging pictures.

Then, get whatever you want to put on the wreath such as flowers, wooden letters, buttons, anything you’d like and glue it on.

Last, get your mini-clothes pins and attach some pictures! BOOM! You’ve got a beautiful wreath! 🙂 This was the first addition to our Tiffany Blue striped wall! There will be updates of what we added to the wall after the wreath, SOON!

  2014-08-19_0001   2014-08-19_0004 2014-08-19_0003 2014-08-19_0005 2014-08-19_0006 2014-08-19_0007 2014-08-19_0002

After I made this, I looked at PostalPix’s DIY blog and tried two of their ideas!

The first one, a creative picture holder! All you need is a wine cork and a knife to cut a slit in it!
I also used some Washi tape [found at Target and Michael’s] on the top and bottom of the picture to make it stick a little better in the slit.


The last mini-project was a clothes pin picture holder. You just need a clothes pin and some washi tape. I loved how simple these both were, yet they added so much creativity to our box shelving!

2014-08-19_0010 2014-08-19_0009

There you have it! My first “DIY” blog post! I have a feeling this will be happening much more frequently. Gotta keep myself busy before the baby comes! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed the blog! If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please put them in the comment section below!

Don’t forget to get the PostalPix App!! You wont regret it!

Happy crafting! xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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