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Photography Report!!

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Never have I ever had someone ask if they could do a report/project on me as a photographer. I met this sweet girl at the first wedding I ever shot. She is related to the couple I took pictures for and she has consistently followed my work over the past few years. Destinee Bultynck, a Junior in High School, is in a photography class and picked ME as her photographer of choice!

It has been so humbling being able to help her out for her class and answer the questions she had as she’s currently pursing learning more about photography because she’s passionate about it as well. I asked if I could share her final product on my blog and she said of course!! So here it is!


Life’s Pathway to Photography

“My photographer I chose for this project is Tiffany Weaver, who just currently got married and now is Tiffany McClure. She was born on June 16th, 1990 in Tampa, Florida. She moved around a lot since her dad was in the military up until she was 15, then moved to Florida in 2005 where she still currently lives. She is a current resident in Clearwater Florida which is on the west side of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Her family is made up of her mom and dad and her 3 siblings, two brothers and one sister and now her husband Jon.

Tiffany had a wonderful childhood with a huge family and many memories that include going to the lake, skiing, cooking out and family road trips. She went to school all of her elementary, middle and freshman year of high school in Mississippi, then they moved and she went to two different high schools in 10th grade and then stuck with Seminole High school from the 2nd semester of 10th grade till she graduated in 2008. Tiffany did not have many jobs of the sort but she would help out with a few photo shoots.

Her few times helping out her friends and just taking pictures is what lead up to her career as photographer. Everything draws her to the art form of photography, she loves the fact you can just freeze a moment in time is the huge beauty to her, she says “There will never be another moment with those exact feelings, colors, weather, and circumstances. It’s those moments that keep me interested and there will always be more moments to capture. Life is an amazing thing and I think its very important to freeze some of those special moments, so you can hold the picture, and remember how you felt in that moment.”

She fully committed her life as photographer once she realized how much she enjoyed it and how she could see her taking photos of people. She also realized that its not going to stop her from her dream of being a stay at home mother and when the day comes she still can do both. Life for her as a photographer happened so fast that she felt scared because her client base formed so fast. Also word of mouth from people played a huge part of her journey as a photographer. In the beginning she did not know what to charge people, in other words she had a lot of learning to do. Luckily, she had help from a lot of her friends who are all photographers and they helped guide her.

When she first began as a photographer she felt relief, she had found a natural talent for something that she is very passionate about. While everyone in highschool knew what they wanted to do when they grew up, she had no clue what she wanted to do. She went through 2 years of college and thats when she knew she wanted to do photography. Although she did take one screen printing class her junior year of high school she never had any schooling for photography.

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Tiffany describes her photo style very natural yet creative, modern and clean, she wants people to look at the photos in the future and say “ wow, thats a great picture”, her photography subjects are mainly people. At the current moment she is really enjoying engagement and wedding photography,weddings is because its such an emotion and beautiful time in a couples life and these moments are just so inspiring to watch and engagement photos because they are so in love and care free they are willing to take fun photos are not stressed out at all.

Tiffany uses a Canon 7D for her camera but she has used a Rebel XSI also from her work. She rarely ever uses a tripod except for night sessions or a wedding. She also uses lightroom for all her photo editing and logos or photo templates that she uses for a business announcement such as discounts. Tiffany also has a kit lens she uses, a 75-300 zoom lens and 50mm, they are the ones she uses the most.

The special techniques she uses is that she does not ever use flash and she considers herself a natural light photographer and uses the golden hour, the hour before sunset, is her favorite time to shoot. She also backlights her subjects, you never want the sun directly on their face so move the light to their back and adjust your settings to have the subject and background evenly lit. Tiffany is a full time photographer she has shoots mainly during the weekends and some times during the week otherwise she edits every day for several hours or doing something for her business. She has only ever used film once and had no clue what she was doing but she thinks its absolutely beautiful and would love to try to learn and do it one time. Tiffanys favorite setting to use is manual because she can change it to work with the lighting, weather, indoor and outdoor objects.

When asked Tiffany said that she would like to let us students to know is “ Shoot in raw, it gives you more options when it comes to editing. You could over or under expose an image and be able to save it completely if you shoot in raw. If you shoot in jpeg theres only so much you can do to fix an image.” Tiffany also says that the best thing about photography is seeing the people reactions when they see the sneak peek images and they end up wanting to see more. The downfall to photography is that there is a lot of people in the business but not all of them are as passionate as some are and it also is a lot of money once you calculate the cost of everything and you do not end up with a lot of money at the very end of everything.

When asked who has influenced her the most she responded “ Katelyn James and Rebekah Hoyt and Laura Foote, the first two are very well know photographers who have their own blogs that I follow. Their photos are breathtaking. Laura is a great friend of mine who has taken my head-shots, engagement photos and wedding photos for my husband and I. We double date with her husband and her and shes always telling me something new in relation to photography.” Tiffany also says that photography means the world to her and its a gift and talent that God has given her specifically so that she can reach out to all types of people who want to cherish their memories forever. Which is wonderful to take your amazing talent and share it with others who are in need of your talent. Also her dream photoshoot would be to shoot a wedding in another country or in a state that is far away from Florida because she has never done so and it would be a fun adventure to take.

photo 3-1 My name is Destinee Bultynck, I am 16 years old going on 17 years old towards the end of June. Currently, I am a junior at Germantown High School, living in Germantown Wisconsin with my mom and Pewaukee Wisconsin with my dad. I have grown up in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin and it is where I was born. I have not taken any courses on anything that is photography but I have read books and done online research in my free time. I have always been the family member taking pictures of the events. Photography has just always been part of who I am. I truly did not fully get into photography till 7th grade when I got a Canon Coolpix camera, then the rest is history.

I am currently working at Kinder Haus as a daycare assistant teacher and will soon be working on my way to becoming a certified nursing assistant. Which is one more step to becoming a registered nurse which I want to be, I want to specialize in Labor and Delivery. I plan on always doing photography but just for fun or helping others out. My current interest in photography is pretty much extra free time when I do have free time. I wish there was more time in the day so I could do photography more. I always have my camera with me just in case I get to the perfect photo opportunity.

My photographer I choose is Tiffany Weaver, I like her style because she is always making her photos fun and bubbly.She also has a lot of passion in her work which is hard to find now a days. You know she goes above and beyond with her photos since she brings in props and extras for the photo shoots is just another reason why I love her work. Some of my photography reminds me of her work even before I did my emulation photos. I have looked up to her for awhile now, she has taken my aunt and uncles engagement photos and their wedding photos. Seeing her start from the beginning with her career and seeing where it is now has been amazing to watch. The camera I used for my emulation project was my Canon T3 EOS Rebel, I also have two lens which is my 50mm and my 55-80nm lens.

My models are my friend Kate, Chevy, my cousin Bella and my aunt and uncle. The settings I used most on my camera was sports and portrait, I bounce back and forth between both settings, they are my favorite ones to use and I get the best pictures out of them. My props were flowers, a cupcake with a candle, grass, a covered bridge and woods/outside. I have taken many photos of my friends and family it’s not just my hobby but it’s my passion. I absolutely love photography and would be lost without it.

I have learned that most photographers go through the same process of taking photos. Some photographers have different styles of the process they go through, different lens, cameras, filters and photo software. It’s near impossible to copy someone’s work just because of the time, effort, models, props and just even photographers style. Although you can use the artist them and put your own twist on the work. I’ve also have learned that the more an artist influences you the more you stay to have a little bit of their work in yours. Even influenced you, you are your own photographer. I have learned a lot about photography interviewing Tiffany and will use my knowledge and the new knowledge to help expand my works of photography. “

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PS. She got an “A” on her project!! Thanks so much Destinee for making me feel so special!

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*All Pictures taken by Destinee Bultynck*


Tiffany McClure

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