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Oxford Exchange Photo Walk


As a photographer who is a new mommy, this photo walk was exactly what I needed!

I am a part of group of women photographers in the area and this photo walk was the first one we’ve had! There are so many in the group who haven’t met yet so this was a way to get to know each other and do something together that we all enjoy.

I haven’t taken time to shoot in three weeks, which for someone who does photography full time…three weeks seems like three months! Taking care of a newborn [my sweet Liam] is a lot of work and I’m still getting the hang of how to balance my time. Jon helped me figure out a way that I can go on the photo walk and still have Liam near. He came with me to the Oxford Exchange and watched Liam upstairs and fed him while he let me enjoy shooting with 2 sweet photog friends, one that I’ve known for a couple years and another who I was able to meet for the first time!

Afterwards, we all got lunch at the Oxford Exchange! It was DELICIOUS! Liam was sound asleep the whole time! During lunch, Michelle, Elaine, Jon and I were able to talk about life, our kiddos and how to juggle being a mommy and a business owner. It was encouraging to hear them talk about how they balance the two!

I enjoyed spending some time taking pictures of things that caught my eye and of my friends shooting! I can’t wait till the next photo walk where we will get to meet fellow photogs and learn more from each other. I hope you all enjoy some of my favorites from the day!

Β  2015-03-27_0053 2015-03-27_0054

This is Elaine! πŸ™‚

2015-03-27_0039 2015-03-27_0038 2015-03-27_0055 2015-03-27_0037 2015-03-27_0034 2015-03-27_0035 2015-03-27_0032 2015-03-27_0036 2015-03-27_0033 2015-03-27_0031 2015-03-27_0029 2015-03-27_0028 2015-03-27_0030

This is Michelle! πŸ™‚

2015-03-27_0026 2015-03-27_0025 2015-03-27_0024 2015-03-27_0023 2015-03-27_0027 2015-03-27_0022 2015-03-27_0021 2015-03-27_0020 2015-03-27_0019 2015-03-27_0018 2015-03-27_0017 2015-03-27_0016 2015-03-27_0015 2015-03-27_0013 2015-03-27_0014

This is one of my favorites!! I want to blow it up and put it on my kitchen wall!

2015-03-27_0012 2015-03-27_0011 2015-03-27_0010 2015-03-27_0009 2015-03-27_0008 2015-03-27_0007 2015-03-27_0006 2015-03-27_0005 2015-03-27_0004 2015-03-26_0001 2015-03-22_0002 2015-03-27_0040 2015-03-27_0041 2015-03-27_0042 2015-03-27_0043 2015-03-27_0044 2015-03-27_0045 2015-03-27_0046 2015-03-27_0047 2015-03-27_0048 2015-03-27_0050 2015-03-27_0051 2015-03-27_0052

xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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