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Our Unique & Re-purposed Furniture Find! [Personal]


Hi friends!

I am so excited to share with you what Jon and I found on our Saturday antique shopping adventure! I’ll start by telling you, we moved into a new apartment at the end of June and as of now, it’s really beginning to feel like home. Each weekend we do a project, whether it be something small like hanging a picture or two, cleaning out our closet or something bigger like going through the last of our boxes.

Now, the walls are more full, there’s less clutter, and we have bought almost all the furniture that we think we need. One thing that has been missing is a desk! I for one have grown tired of having to sit on the couch or in our bed while I edit, blog, e-mail clients, surf the internet, etc. After a while it starts making my back feel really achy.

This weekend we decided to spend most of our Saturday thrifting for desks, [both Jon and I do a lot of work on the computer] separate ones or a big one that works for two people. We went to one garage sale, two thrift stores, two antique shops, one consignment shop and then one small re-purposed [incredibly unique] furniture type shop. I’m not really sure exactly what to call it. The woman who owns it also paints all the pieces herself. Her name is Shirley. ๐Ÿ™‚

She was so pleasant and very inviting. We asked her a ton of questions about the shop because we hadn’t seen anything like it before! All of the furniture was bright colored, painted in a vintage yet modern fashion. I could have walked back and forth through the shop for hours! Come to find out when she started about 3 years ago, [if I remember correctly] she had never painted a piece of furniture in her life! I guess she had a hidden talent for quite some time.

Anyway, as we walked through the shop, I spotted this desk. It was on top of another piece of furniture so I couldn’t see the top of it, just the front. But I stood by it for a while saying how much I liked it and then we walked over and looked at some other pieces. When we walked back I asked Jon what he thought about it and he said, he would be okay if I wanted to buy it. WHAT! Really?! So I thought about it for a while, walked back over to it and realized I hadn’t even looked at the top and when I did, I was sold!! It had turquoise stripes! Almost the exact same color as our living room wall!

We ended up talking to Mrs. Shirley more before we left and found out that she doesn’t advertise, doesn’t have a website [and doesn’t feel the need to have one] and is a small business that’s just word of mouth! Those kind of businesses are me and Jon’s favorite! I got to show her a picture of our living room wall and tell her a little about my photography business. She immediately asked for some business cards and told me her grandson is about to turn One and she’d be interested in possibly setting up a session. That made me even more excited about the experience!

Now I’ll give you the name of her shop and the address so you can visit! It’s called Coastal Living and the address is 1775 Clearwater Largo Rd, Clearwater, FL 33756

Here are some pictures of my new work space that I LOVE!! The desk is pretty much tailor made for me, favorite color and all! We definitely found a diamond in the rough!

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xoxo, Tiff



Tiffany McClure

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  • Ahh I love that shop! Have you checked out the new shop called 607 Vintage Marketplace? Its right around the same area. I’m planning to check it out next weekend. Looks awesome!