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Niki & Scott! [Surprise Anniversary Session]


I’ll start off by saying, this is one amazing couple! They were the very first ones to book me for engagement and wedding photos 3 years ago! Whoa, time flies! They took a chance on me and helped get my business rolling, I couldn’t be more grateful for them!

They have kept up with my business ever since the start and have always encouraged me to keep going and frequently told me they were proud of how far I’ve come since meeting them. I’m not sure if they even know how much they mean to me, but when I shot their wedding 3 years ago, I remember showing them a few images on the back of my camera and reaction was pure excitement! At the reception, their family made me feel so welcome and watching them dance for the first time as a married couple made me so happy inside! I couldn’t get the smile off my face. Their wedding set the stage for me. After taking their wedding photos, I told myself, yes this is definitely what I want to do as my career! It was my turning point and I’m glad they were that couple!

Their 3 year anniversary was October 22! Scott contacted me [like a thoughtful husband] about 6 weeks prior and asked if I’d be interested in helping out with a surprise. If you know me at all…surprises are one of my FAVORITE things to be a part of! He told me the date and I happen to be free, so the timing of everything was perfect! They live in Wisconsin and were visiting for their anniversary and staying at the same place they did for their wedding [which I thought was awesome!!]. My job was to surprise Niki by taking some pictures for them that they have done annually since their wedding. Each year they take a picture on their anniversary of them holding the picture they took the previous year. Such a creative idea!

So over the 6 weeks, Scott and I kept in touch and he would update me on their plans and how he was going to hide the picture from last year and act like he forgot to bring it on the trip. When the day of came, I got to the hotel, put on some sunglasses,  [my disguise] walked around back to the tiki-bar and tried to find a spot where I wouldn’t be seen. You should have seen me [5 months pregnant] crouching behind bushes and hopping from one place to the next trying not to let Niki see me or my camera. [She was faced towards me so it was definitely a task!] After I got the pictures I needed, I walked back through the hotel so I could walk up from behind. So I tip-toed up behind where they were sitting, tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me Miss, I heard you’re celebrating an anniversary today??” She took her sunglasses off and said, “Oh my gosh, Tiffany!! Is that you?! What are you doing here?! *Gasp* Scott! Did you do this?!” Haha! Still makes me giddy thinking of her reaction! She was completely surprised.

Scott did a wonderful job planning everything! He even hid their picture from last year behind the tiki-bar and had one of the workers hand it to her 10 min before I showed up! It was definitely an anniversary to remember. I’m so glad I was able to help make it special for them and create some beautiful images! In three years, my work has improved greatly and it was cool to look back at the difference. Not only that, but Niki said they still absolutely LOVE their engagement and wedding photos! I’m just so thankful. I hope you all enjoy their surprise story and beautiful images!

[I’ve included a few pictures from the last time I took pictures for them, their wedding day! It’s amazing to see the difference in pictures I took 3 years ago and ones I recently took!]

Thanks again Scott and Niki for being such awesome clients and friends!

2014-11-26_0074 2014-11-26_0073 2014-11-26_0072 2014-11-26_0071

Now! On to the surprise!!

2014-11-26_0001 2014-11-26_0002 2014-11-26_0003

So much joy between the two of them 🙂

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This is their amazing frame idea!

2014-11-26_0024 2014-11-26_0025 2014-11-26_0026

Love her rings!

2014-11-26_0027 2014-11-26_0028 2014-11-26_0029 2014-11-26_0030 2014-11-26_0031 2014-11-26_0032 2014-11-26_0033 2014-11-26_0034 2014-11-26_0035 2014-11-26_0036 2014-11-26_0037 2014-11-26_0038 2014-11-26_0039 2014-11-26_0040 2014-11-26_0041 2014-11-26_0042 2014-11-26_0043 2014-11-26_0044 2014-11-26_0045 2014-11-26_0046 2014-11-26_0047 2014-11-26_0048

After walking through high beach grass, this is what I found while crouching down to get a different angle and to my surprise, squealing
after feeling a little pain on my hiney! Those darn stickers!

2014-11-26_0049 2014-11-26_0050 2014-11-26_0051 2014-11-26_0052 2014-11-26_0053 2014-11-26_0054 2014-11-26_0055 2014-11-26_0056 2014-11-26_0057 2014-11-26_0058 2014-11-26_0059 2014-11-26_0060

Still just as happy and giggly as they were on their wedding day!


Some of my favorite sunset images I’ve taken!! The sunset was breathtaking.

2014-11-26_0062 2014-11-26_0063 2014-11-26_0064 2014-11-26_0065 2014-11-26_0066 2014-11-26_0067 2014-11-26_0068 2014-11-26_0069

xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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