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Molly + Hunter| Engagement Session| Turtle Park


With only 4 days until Molly & Hunter’s wedding, I’m sharing their engagement blog!

I took their engagement pictures a few short weeks ago and can’t believe how fast time has flown! I met these two for the first time at a consultation at The Haus [my favorite coffee shop] and knew we would work well together. Sure enough, the day of their engagement session comes [which we only had that one day to shoot] and it’s raining. RAINING. all day.

So what does Molly say? “There is a pavilion at the park and I think in some of the heavier wooded areas we really wouldn’t be getting much of the rainfall…we can keep the props to a minimum and rock umbrellas if we need to.” UM YES. I told her I have a rain sleeve for my camera and an umbrella I can stand under. And then both texted each other that we are ready and can start early if needed…at the same time.

Got to George C. McGough Nature Park AKA: Turtle Park and kept an adventurous attitude, only had to shoot under the umbrella for 20 minutes and then the rain was just drizzling for the remainder of their session! Molly also brought a ton of cute props that made their way into the photos as well!! I love when my clients come prepared. <3 I think the photos turned out beautiful and I can not wait for their wedding this weekend!! Here’s a bunch of my favorites from this beautiful/rainy session!

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xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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