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Mike & Shannon [Engagement Session]

I’m going to start off by telling you, this was one of the most enjoyable, carefree, and genuine engagement shoots I’ve done thus far!

The love they have for each other is very apparent in these photos. I feel so blessed to be the one who got the privilege to capture some of their love in a photo!

Mike and Shannon started dating in May of 2007. They dated almost 6 years before he proposed on April 8, 2013! It’s cool to see how close they are not just as a couple, but as best friends. They plan on getting married sometime in the Spring of 2015. They aren’t in a rush at all! πŸ™‚ More power to you guys!

So how did I meet them? Playing glow-in-the-dark wiffleball of course! If you haven’t heard of it, Google it. There would always be a large group of us and every time we’d play, they would bring their adorable dog, Tank! He definitely lived up to his name, he’s HUGE and such a sweetheart. When Shannon contacted me about doing their engagement photos, she said they wanted him to be in some of the photos too..which only makes sense! Mike brought his Mom to the shoot so she could keep Tank occupied. SO glad she was there!

Now I’m going to stop talking so we can get on to these adorable photos! I hope you all love them as much as I do! Please feel free to comment your thoughts at the end of the post. πŸ™‚ Thanks a bunch!

IMG_3012-1 IMG_3018-1 IMG_3024-1 IMG_3027-1 IMG_3034-1 IMG_3041-1 IMG_3054-1 IMG_3072-1-2 IMG_3089-1 IMG_3094-1 IMG_3096-1 IMG_3105-1 IMG_3114-1 IMG_3118-1 IMG_3130-1-1 IMG_3137-1 IMG_3140-1 IMG_3157-1 Shannon & Mike Engagement-1 IMG_3163-1 IMG_3173-1 IMG_3175-1 IMG_3187-1 IMG_3203-1 Shannon & Mike Engagement-002 IMG_3225-1 IMG_3228-1 IMG_3237-1 IMG_3242-1 IMG_3255-1 IMG_3274-1 IMG_3280-1 IMG_3291-1 IMG_3297-1 IMG_3311-1 IMG_3328-1 IMG_3331-1 IMG_3337-1 IMG_3346-1 IMG_3347-1 IMG_3387-1 Shannon & Mike Engagement1-001 IMG_3409-1-2 IMG_3412-1-2 IMG_3440-1 IMG_3444-1 IMG_3447-1 IMG_3458-1 Shannon & Mike Engagement-003 IMG_3461-1 IMG_3465-1 Shannon & Mike Engagement-004 Shannon & Mike Engagement-001 IMG_3495-1 IMG_3509-1 IMG_3520-1 IMG_3542-1 IMG_3560-1 IMG_3575-1 IMG_3596-1 Shannon & Mike Engagement1 IMG_3601-1 IMG_3612-1 IMG_3624-1 IMG_3633-1 IMG_3634-1 IMG_3643-1 IMG_3659-1 IMG_3664-1 Shannon & Mike Engagement-005 IMG_3694-1 IMG_3698-1 IMG_3714-1 IMG_3722-1 IMG_3729-1 IMG_3734-1 IMG_3737-1 IMG_3742-1 WEBSITE IMG_3750-1 IMG_3743-1

So long!!! πŸ™‚ Hasta la vista baby!


xoxo -Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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2 Responses to “Mike & Shannon [Engagement Session]

  • Tiffany you did an awesome job capturing the true love that Mike and Shannon share with each other, the pictures are amazing.

  • Tiffany, You captured the sweetness of the Love they share. You have a Gifted eye.