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Mattson! [Senior Session]

Let me just start off by saying, this sweet family has been so patient with me during my crazy wedding planning busyness! I am so excited to finally get Mattson’s blog up!

Senior Session’s have been getting more and more frequent for me and this was the first time in a long time that I’ve gotten to take Senior pictures for a boy! [I mean…MAN] It was fun seeing the differences in a photo session for a boy.

They only “need” to change outfits once, they don’t have to reapply lip gloss or re-curl their hair, they don’t have a car full of props and just want to use whatever scenic background there is! Boy’s have it so much easier!! But I also can’t say how beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, or adorable they look…which is difficult because that’s what I’m used to! haha πŸ™‚

Mattson and his family live in Georgia. They housed me and 20 other college students 2 years ago when we attended the Passion Conference! Though I had never met Mattson, I knew they had a son and daughter and was so excited when they told me they will be in Florida for the weekend and would love it if I could take his senior pictures!

Mattson was a great sport the entire time even though it felt like 90 degrees, we were sweating like crazy [well…I know I was], and hundreds of people were his audience…and photobombers. πŸ™‚ I had a great time with Mrs. Deanna, Mattson, and his sister Maya! Here’s some of my favorites from the session, enjoy!

Β  Mattson Senior Photos2 IMG_7973-1-2 Mattson Senior Photos4 IMG_7888-1 Mattson Senior Photos3 Mattson Senior Photos6 Mattson Senior Photos5 Mattson Senior Photos7 Mattson Senior Photos8 IMG_7955-1 IMG_7943-1 Mattson Senior Photos9 IMG_8020-1 Mattson Senior Photos10 Mattson Senior Photos11 IMG_8065-1

I thought this was hilarious!! SO TRUE. Like I mentioned before…you guys have it easy!

IMG_8071-1 Mattson Senior Photos12 Mattson Senior Photos13 Mattson Senior Photos14


+WEBSITE IMG_8095-1 Mattson Senior Photos15 Mattson Senior Photos16 IMG_8166-1 Mattson Senior Photos17 IMG_8195-1 IMG_8094-1 IMG_8186-1 Mattson Senior Photos18 Mattson Senior Photos19 IMG_8213-1 Mattson Senior Photos20 IMG_8247-1-2

xoxo, Tiff


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