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Looking For A Local Safety Harbor Wedding Photographer?

Tiffany is local wedding photographer in Safety Harbor but is also selectively available for destination weddings. In fact, Tiffany McClure Photography has shot a wedding as far away as Maine!

Tiffany and the work from Tiffany McClure Photography has been featured in both online and print publications! Plus, her work has been shared socially 10’s of thousands of times.

Currently, based in the little city of Largo, Florida, Tiffany McClure Photography has been in business for about 4 years now.

IMG_0153 Some of her strengths revolve around her genuine happy personality, her ability to capture light and emotion, which consistently proves an exception client experience and exceeding client expectations.

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With a photojournalistic approach, Tiffany is one of the best local Safety Harbor photographers. If you’re ready for Tiffany McClure Photography to document all the events of your big day, please reach out to her today!

Interested In Something Other Than A Wedding?

Tiffany McClure Photography does a variety sessions, such as:

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The precious moments during a wedding event are once-in-a-lifetime. Don’t leave this day to chance, hire a professional. Don’t wait, simply start the conversation today as there is limited dates available. 2015-08-29_0001

P.S. Are You A Photographer Too?

If you live around the Safety Harbor area and you’re a photograph you might be interested in learning directly from Tiffany herself with a mentoring session. Then check out FeaturedPhotog!

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 9am – 3pm

*These are my standard office hours but as photographer I am pretty flexible. Please contact me to set up an appointment.


My home base of operation is in the heart of Pinellas County, Largo FL! Good news is, as a photographer how is location independent we can go where ever we need to go. I travel for ever consultation, session, or gig. So, as long as we stay in the local area there is “no worries”.

Quick Look Inside a Session with Tiffany

Below is a brief clip from a Periscope video done recently. Periscope is a live stream video app that Tiff uses sometimes to let people and fans see an inside scope of a live session. We and the clients always a good time. Hope you enjoy this brief clip!

Wedding Photography Safety Harbor

Learn more about Tiff and contact her at your earliest convenience.

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