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Kristen & Austin | Engagement Session | Eagle Lake Park

Kristen first contacted me in the middle of May, soon after Jon and I got married. She had seen engagement photos I had taken for Shannon who she and Austin grew up with! She told me their wedding would be on the East Coast [which made me excited because I hadn’t shot there before] on November 8th!

We continued talking over e-mail’s and texts for a few months and scheduled the engagement session for the last weekend in August. Kristen really wanted some “field-type” pictures so I went on a hunt to find a place in Largo that looks similar. If you live near Largo…you know it’s practically non existent. To my surprise, a few days before their session, Jon and I were driving and we spotted an abandoned lot with a huge tree in the middle and overgrown grass all around!! I was ECSTATIC! I couldn’t wait for the session.

When the day came, it looked like rain…pretty much all day, but we went through with it and still met, umbrellas in hand, hoping for the rain to hold off. We first met at our second location since they both were so close but I didn’t have the address of the field-like lot. So they jumped in my car and we headed off to find it. I was almost sure I knew how to get there..buuut not quite sure enough. I ended up getting us lost for a good 5 minutes. Typical me [If you know me, I’m pretty bad with directions]. But it turned out great because they got to fill me in how Austin proposed! He popped the question on a FERRIS WHEEL in Chicago at Navy Pier, right after she graduated PA school! How romantic! πŸ™‚ You did a great job Austin!

We found the lot and it was sprinkling just a little, but we started taking pictures anyway and it quickly stopped sprinkling. At one point during the shoot, all three of us were standing in high grass and the wind blew and I heard what sounded to be a rattle-snake! I immediately darted towards them screaming and turned around where the noise came from. My keys and lens cap had blew across the ground with the umbrella. I looked back at them and they were laughing their heads off! I said, “Okay guys, false alarm!” As both of them proceeded to do an impression of my reaction while still laughing. It was really great. πŸ™‚ Luckily I can laugh at myself and say blonde moment!

After the lot, we went back over to the park and shot the second half of the shoot, which at one point it started to sprinkle again but they just ran towards me with the blanket over their heads! At the end, the sky was turning black on one side and clearing up on the other when a beautiful rainbow spread across the sky. We HAD to take pictures under it due to the forecast saying it’s going to downpour when it turned out to be perfect for the session! Once we got in our cars and pulled out of the park, the sky turned even darker and it started to POUR and lightning! Talk about perfect timing.

This is been one of my all time favorite engagement sessions and it’s full of blankets in field-like lots, dancing, joyful smiles, an amazing sky and genuine love! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in just a few weeks! Thanks again Kristen and Austin!

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These two are so stinkin’ adorable!

2014-10-24_0014 2014-10-24_0015 2014-10-24_0016 2014-10-24_0017

I really like these ones of them running through the “field”!!

2014-10-24_0018 2014-10-24_0019 2014-10-24_0020 2014-10-24_0021 2014-10-24_0022 2014-10-24_0023 2014-10-24_0024 2014-10-24_0025 2014-10-24_0026 2014-10-24_0027 2014-10-24_0028 2014-10-24_0029 2014-10-24_0030 2014-10-24_0031 2014-10-24_0032 2014-10-24_0033 2014-10-24_0034 2014-10-24_0035 2014-10-24_0036 2014-10-24_0037 2014-10-24_0038 2014-10-24_0039 2014-10-24_0040 2014-10-24_0041 2014-10-24_0042 2014-10-24_0043 2014-10-24_0044 2014-10-24_0045 2014-10-24_0046 2014-10-24_0047 2014-10-24_0048 2014-10-24_0049 2014-10-24_0050 2014-10-24_0051 2014-10-24_0052 2014-10-24_0117

Kristen, you’re so pretty!!

2014-10-24_0053 2014-10-24_0054 2014-10-24_0055

I love the bokeh!!

2014-10-24_0056 2014-10-24_0057 2014-10-24_0058 2014-10-24_0059 2014-10-24_0060 2014-10-24_0061 2014-10-24_0062 2014-10-24_0063 2014-10-24_0064 2014-10-24_0065 2014-10-24_0066 2014-10-24_0067 2014-10-24_0068 2014-10-24_0069 2014-10-24_0070

I thought this idea was super cute!!

2014-10-24_0071 2014-10-24_0072 2014-10-24_0073 2014-10-24_0074 2014-10-24_0075 2014-10-24_0076 2014-10-24_0077 2014-10-24_0078 2014-10-24_0079 2014-10-24_0080 2014-10-24_0081 2014-10-24_0082 2014-10-24_0083 2014-10-24_0084

You can kind of see the rain in this one if you look closely!

2014-10-24_0085 2014-10-24_0086 2014-10-24_0087 2014-10-24_0088 2014-10-24_0089 2014-10-24_0090 2014-10-24_0091 2014-10-24_0092

In the picture below..does anyone else see the heart her dress is making?!

2014-10-24_0093 2014-10-24_0094 2014-10-24_0095 2014-10-24_0096 2014-10-24_0097 2014-10-24_0098 2014-10-24_0099 2014-10-24_0100 2014-10-24_0101 2014-10-24_0102 2014-10-24_0103 2014-10-24_0104 2014-10-24_0105 2014-10-24_0106 2014-10-24_0107 2014-10-24_0108 2014-10-24_0109 2014-10-24_0110 2014-10-24_0111 2014-10-24_0112 2014-10-24_0113 2014-10-24_0114 2014-10-24_0115

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xoxo, Tiffany


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  • These are great! Somehow your photos make me feel like I’ve known the people in them forever! And they make me want to take more of Darren and I. Great job again, Tiffany!