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Kriena + Sarianna| Family Session| Seminole

Kriena and I met through a company called Lemon Drops who offer full service wedding and event planning such as, amazing décor, flowers, photography, cakes, pipe & drape, beauty services, invitations, catering, etc! We had the pleasure of working with them for our wedding as well!

Kriena and I were with them for a bridal show/expo because we were a couple of their vendors! Over a year or so later, I have a 4 and a half month old and she has a three month old and is in need of some family portraits! So glad that she asked me to take them for her and her sister!

The shoot went great, the kids were so fun and the two youngest had moments where they were over taking pictures and started crying so the boys “cried” with them! It was quite funny and I’m sure their mommies will hold these photos over their heads for a couple years! There is also a sweet picture with the cousins and a beautiful painting of their Grandma. I’m sure she was looking down and smiling at those sweet little babes of hers.  Believe it or not, the day was very rainy and it cleared up just enough for us to take these in their backyard!

I hope you guys enjoy some of my favorites! If you’d like to book your own family session, please head on over to the contact page! 🙂

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Love the one on the right!!

2015-07-24_0016 2015-07-24_0017 2015-07-24_0018 2015-07-24_0019 2015-07-24_0020 2015-07-24_0021

A couple behind the scenes photos of life with big brothers!

2015-07-24_0022 2015-07-24_0023

Uh oh…


Mommy Sarianna saved the day!

2015-07-24_0025 2015-07-24_0026 2015-07-24_0027 2015-07-24_0028

I thought about not posting the crying ones, but thought it would be cool to let you guys know, kids aren’t ALWAYS smiling and to photograph little ones, you have to have patience and a sense of humor. 😉 This is totally how a lot of girls with big brothers feel sometimes! “No, I don’t want to hold your hand!” She’s so adorable!!

2015-07-24_0029 2015-07-24_0030 2015-07-24_0031 2015-07-24_0032 2015-07-24_0033 2015-07-24_0034 2015-07-24_0037

So happy! 😀

2015-07-24_0038 2015-07-24_0039 2015-07-24_0040

So precious.

2015-07-24_0041 2015-07-24_0042 2015-07-24_0043 2015-07-24_0044 2015-07-24_0045 2015-07-24_0046

These two were awesome. Bro’s.

2015-07-24_0047 2015-07-24_0048 2015-07-24_0049 2015-07-24_0050 2015-07-24_0051

xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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