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Justine!! [Senior Portrait Session]


Let me just say, on a scale of 1 to 10 of the excitement level to finally be sharing Justine’s session with you guys…It’s probably a 12! This post is photo heavy so get ready!

I will start off by saying how awesome Justine is. She is a Senior in high school, taking photography classes, has won 6 awards for her photos, 1 being a photo that was chosen out of 250,000 high school students for the Scholastics Art & Writing Competition in 2013 , [She got sent to New York on an all expense paid trip where they displayed her photo in Carnegie Hall where there was a big ceremony held. Usher and Sarah Jessica Parker spoke!!] not to mention, she has her own photography business!!

On a side note, she was an amazing second shooter for me at the recent Kemp Wedding! Originally, she had a project for her photography class where she got to pick a photographer to shadow for the day, and she chose me!! I haven’t felt so honored before. Through out the day, she turned into a second shooter rather than shadowing, and I’d totally ask her to shoot with me again,  anytime, anywhere!!  I am so glad I’ve been able to become friends with her and I’m so proud of how far she’s come in her business. Every single time she posts a new sneak peek, her work gets more and more beautiful!!

Since she is also a photographer, it was so fun coming up with shoot ideas for her! We shot at an abandoned field that’s quickly becoming my favorite place to shoot, and then found a gorgeous pink tree on the side of some railroads [totally spur of the moment!]. She had her awesome boyfriend, Tucker, join for the shoot! They’ve been dating for what seems like forever! Definitely one of the cutest couples I know, their pictures are absolutely adorable and two peas in a pod. He was a huge help during the shoot as well. So I’m going to stop talking now and get to the pictures!! Hope you all love them!

2015-01-21_0001 2015-01-21_0002 2015-01-21_0003 2015-01-21_0004 2015-01-21_0005 2015-01-21_0006 2015-01-21_0007 2015-01-21_0008 2015-01-21_0009 2015-01-21_0010 2015-01-21_0011 2015-01-21_0012 2015-01-21_0013 2015-01-21_0014 2015-01-21_0015

Justine!! You my dear are absolutely gorgeous!! So full of joy!

2015-01-21_0016 2015-01-21_0017

Aren’t these two adorable?!

2015-01-21_0018 2015-01-21_0019 2015-01-21_0020 2015-01-21_0021

It’s amazing how some people can find “true love” so young. So happy that these two found each other!

2015-01-21_0022 2015-01-21_0023 2015-01-21_0024

Ahhhh the light!! My favorite!!

2015-01-21_0025 2015-01-21_0026 2015-01-21_0027 2015-01-21_0028 2015-01-21_0029 2015-01-21_0030 2015-01-21_0031 2015-01-21_0032 2015-01-21_0033 2015-01-21_0034 2015-01-21_0035 2015-01-21_0037 2015-01-21_0038 2015-01-21_0039 2015-01-21_0036 2015-01-21_0040 2015-01-21_0041 2015-01-21_0042 2015-01-21_0043 2015-01-21_0044 2015-01-21_0045 2015-01-21_0046

This shot was actually an accident. My finger got in front of the lens but ended up looking pretty cool! So I kept it..I’m pretty sure I created a new instagram filter 😉

2015-01-21_0047 2015-01-21_0048 2015-01-21_0049 2015-01-21_0050 2015-01-21_0051 2015-01-21_0052 2015-01-21_0053 2015-01-21_0054

Aww, baby Justine!

2015-01-21_0055 2015-01-21_0056 2015-01-21_0057

Love this one!

2015-01-21_0058 2015-01-21_0059 2015-01-21_0060 2015-01-21_0061 2015-01-21_0062 2015-01-21_0063 2015-01-21_0064

Love birds.

2015-01-21_0065 2015-01-21_0066 2015-01-21_0067 2015-01-21_0068 2015-01-21_0069 2015-01-21_0070 2015-01-21_0071 2015-01-21_0072 2015-01-21_0073

LOL, Tucker, you look like a bird!

2015-01-21_0074 2015-01-21_0075 2015-01-21_0076 2015-01-21_0077 2015-01-21_0078 2015-01-21_0079 2015-01-21_0080

Pretty sure this next picture is when Justine was making her “OH NO! A TRAIN IS COMING!” face. Don’t worry, we were careful! 😉

2015-01-21_0081 2015-01-21_0082 2015-01-21_0083 2015-01-21_0084 2015-01-21_0085 2015-01-21_0086

This tree was perfect!! We weren’t even trying to find one!

2015-01-21_0087 2015-01-21_0088 2015-01-21_0089 2015-01-21_0090 2015-01-21_0091 2015-01-21_0092 2015-01-21_0093 2015-01-21_0094 2015-01-21_0095 2015-01-21_0096 2015-01-21_0097 2015-01-21_0098 2015-01-21_0100 2015-01-21_0101 2015-01-21_0102 2015-01-21_0103


2015-01-21_0104 2015-01-21_0105 2015-01-21_0106 2015-01-21_0107

Some of these photos were out of order, oh well! 🙂

2015-01-21_0108 2015-01-21_0109

Oh yea guuurl! Work it!!

2015-01-21_0110 2015-01-21_0111 2015-01-21_0112 2015-01-21_0113

xoxo, Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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  • Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl! You really captured HER!