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Josh & Susie [Maternity Session]

This was my third time getting to take pictures for Josh and Susie! I was privileged enough to do their engagement and wedding photos! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Now Susie is almost ready to pop and they asked me to do her maternity photos. Of course I couldn’t turn that down!

We went to one of my favorite spots, Emerson Point in Palmetto.ย  It has a bunch of gorgeous trees and little side trails that lead to small ponds. We had already rescheduled it once due to rain, so when the day of the shoot came, it rained right before we got there. We had just missed it and still heard thunder off in the distance.

The bad thing about it just raining was the mosquitoes! They were absolutely TERRIBLE. Throughout the shoot you could hear slaps and “Ouch! They’re biting me!!” On top of that, there wasn’t a bathroom near by. And when there is a pregnant woman who has got to go, (and a photographer jumping around who also has to go), the shoot tends to speed up quickly.

Despite all the mosquito bites we acquired, (that I am still itching) We ended up getting some beautiful shots! Thank you guys for toughing it out with me. I hope you all enjoy the pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

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IMG_5858 IMG_5863a IMG_5879 IMG_5890 IMG_5901 IMG_6000 IMG_6032 Maternity-josh&susie

Tiffany McClure

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