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Josh, Susie & Bella-Grace [Newborn Session]

I LOVED this session!! Bella-Grace is absolutely beautiful!

This is the 4th shoot I have done for Susie and Josh! I’m positive that out of the 4, this one was my favorite to shoot. It may or may not be because I love babies…or it could easily be because we are all friends now because of taking so many pictures for them. πŸ™‚ Either way, this shoot went great and I’m very satisfied with how the pictures turned out!

We met at Seminole Lake Park and started shooting a baby in a basket. hehe. I always love those pictures!! Bella-Grace’s little leg kept sticking way up in the air, which made for some giggles among Josh, Susie and I. When I had them both kiss her on the cheek, she was making the funniest face almost as if she was saying “ewwww, mom and dad, stop!”

Then we took it over to a cute little bridge where I had everyone stand in different spots to keep the shadows off of little Bella. We took some singles with both Josh and Susie and then slipped the little one into some girly bloomers, a hat and draped her in pink pearls! She looked ADORABLE. I’m sure you’ll agree.

While shooting those pictures, we had a bird with his eye on baby Bella! I snapped some pictures of him and then bolted towards him! Of course he was intimidated…for a minute. I guess I’m not that scary because he flew right back and managed to get in a picture or two. Don’t worry, Bella stayed safe and sound. πŸ™‚

Towards the end of the shoot, Bella-Grace was hungry and ready for a real nap. I tried snapping a few between crying..but it didn’t work out in our favor so we followed the baby’s orders and let her eat. Newborn shoots require a lot of patience and I learned that sometimes you don’t get the shot you hoped for but you have to smile and be happy with the shots you DID get!

So thankful that I was able to do this shoot! Love you guys!

Enjoy! πŸ˜€

IMG_1661-1 IMG_1663-1 IMG_1673-1 IMG_1681-1 IMG_1682-1 IMG_1691-1 Newborn-Bella Grace-001 IMG_1735-1 IMG_1745-1 Newborn-Bella Grace-002 IMG_1709-1 Newborn-Bella Grace-003 Newborn-Bella Grace-004 IMG_1712-1 IMG_1754-1 Newborn-Bella Grace-005 IMG_1773-1 IMG_1797-1 Newborn-Bella Grace IMG_1809-1 IMG_1834-1 IMG_1844-002 IMG_1853-1 IMG_1865-1 copy-1 IMG_1866-1 IMG_1873-1 IMG_1871-1 IMG_1887-1 IMG_1892-1 IMG_1899-1 IMG_1900-1 IMG_1917-1 IMG_1930-2-2 IMG_1935-1 IMG_1951-1 IMG_1955-1 IMG_1976-1 IMG_1984-1 IMG_1980-1 IMG_1998-1 IMG_2018-1 IMG_2023-1 IMG_2024-1 Newborn-Bella Grace-006 Newborn-Bella Grace-007

Because I’m the one who is normally taking the pictures, It’s rare I have a picture of myself shooting during a session. It’s exciting when your client says, “Oooh! I’m going to take one of you taking a picture! Is that ok??” YES!! It’s pretty cool if you ask me. So thank you Josh and Susie!


<3 Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

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