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Joelle & Josh! [Engagement Session]

Hidden patches of yellow flowers, belly laughs & bottles of rainbow colored spray paint is what this engagement session consisted of.

Joelle and Josh were a joy to work with! Joelle called me a week before the shoot and said the photographer they had originally booked had not been able to take their photos all of a sudden. When someone tells me that, I immediately want to help. I know how challenging and time consuming finding a photographer who’s personality clicks with yours can be. Luckily, I was able to move my schedule around and shoot their engagement photos that weekend!

When we first talked about the session, she had asked me about props. Typically, I list off all the props I own if the couple doesn’t exactly have a set idea of what they picture their shoot to look like. That normally sparks ideas in their head…and for Josh and Joelle, that meant a bright blue “&” sign, a tarp, a wooden frame and spray paint bottles of every color! As soon as I found out they wanted to include that in their shoot, I jumped for joy! I love when my clients get creative!

Jon joined me for the engagement session and was a huge help as always! He also took some video that I will post on here after he’s finished editing! šŸ™‚ I hope you guys enjoy these fun images and are able to see the LOVE this couple has for each other!

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xoxo, Tiff

Please contact me if you’d like to book your own engagement session! šŸ™‚

Tiffany McClure

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