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Isaiah| Cake Smash: Family Session| Botanical Gardens


It makes me feel extremely fortunate when I get the chance to photograph special events in the lives of some of my best friends.

 Celeste and Isaac have an adorable son named Isaiah who just turned 1 year old!! Not only is this a huge milestone for him, but for them being parents as well. Celeste wanted to do a “cake smash” [which I had never done before this] for Isaiah’s birthday! So we did that plus a little family session right before and it turned out awesome! It was an extremely hot day and just so happened to be the 4th of July!

The shoot was a blast and Celeste even stepped in the cake on accident while trying to get Isaiah to smile! Not gonna lie..I laughed..a lot, AND took a picture because I knew it would add to the blog haha! His face afterwards was super cute..you’ll see what I’m talking about soon. At the end of the session, he was completely covered in blue cake and Celeste and Isaac ate some with him. They ended up with blue teeth and it was totally picture worthy.

Isaiah, you’re growing up to be such a cute little man and now you’re walking!! Stop growing up so fast, you’re making me and your mommy and daddy feel old! I love you! – Love, Aunt Tiffy

I hope you guys enjoy some of my favorites!

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Tiffany McClure

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