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Laura Foote [Headshots]

Shooting with a fellow photographer is SO rewarding!!

Alright, so I’m a part of a few photo groups on Facebook. My favorite group and the one I’m most involved in is made up of about 20 [mostly] local photographers. It’s a safe place for us to ask questions, share tips, give critiques, and mainly helping to better each other in our businesses. For me, It’s very helpful to have friends who have the same passion I do for taking photos and are farther along in their business than I am, but are extremely willing and enjoy teaching me how to further my business. One of them being Laura Foote of “Captured in His Image Photography“.

Laura just recently moved to Tampa from KANSAS! Once she joined the group, we started chatting and got to find out a lot about each others life before we actually got to meet up. She has a relationship with the Lord [which is always a plus!] and is a very kind hearted and joyful woman! I was very excited when we decided to get together at the Oxford Exchange to swap head-shots.

As soon as we met, I knew we would get along! During the shoot, she had so many great tips for how to direct people when posing them and how to use the camera to the best of my ability. I learned SO much in the 3ish hours we spent shooting. She is a wonderful mentor and I feel like just because of that one session, I’m farther along in my business. I appreciate Laura taking the time to share her knowledge with me of things that have helped her and challenged her in the world of running your own business.

After the shoot, we decided to grab a doughnut while looking at our photos and analyzing things to make them better. I ended up taking more photos afterwards to try some new techniques! 🙂 Then we ended up having a great heart to heart before we left. I’m so glad to have met Laura and gained a wonderful new friend! It’s very evident to me that God puts specific people in your path for a reason.

Thank you so much Laura for being a wonderful teacher and friend to me! Everyone should check out her page [the link is in the first part of the blog] because she does beautiful work! She too blogged about our Tampa photo adventure! If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link to that- Tiffany’s Headshots.

Here are some images from the shoot!

  IMG_9752-1-98-1 IMG_9750-1-96-1 IMG_4466-107-1 IMG_4468-109-1   +Tiffwebsite-001 +Tiffwebsite-002 IMG_9810-1-296-1 IMG_9809-1-295-1 IMG_9797-1-181-1 IMG_9798-1-183-1 IMG_9806-1-193-1   IMG_9797-1-1 IMG_9805-1-192-1 IMG_9784-1-166-1

So Good, but SO BAD!!! I love chocolate rainbow sprinkled doughnuts!

IMG_9826-1-306-1 IMG_9818-1-299-1 IMG_9853-1-1 IMG_9863-1-337-1 IMG_9874-1-348-1 IMG_9889-1-363-1 +Tiffwebsite-003 IMG_9872-1-346-1 IMG_9893-1-367-1 IMG_9929-1-1 IMG_9950-1-424-1 IMG_9955-1-429-1

If you need head shots taken, please contact me and I’d love to help you out! <3 Tiffany

Tiffany McClure

Hi friends! Thank you so much for checking out this blog post. Please feel free to post a comment, tell us what you liked or ask any questions! It really helps the blog out when we get feedback from you guys! Please contact me if you’d like to schedule your own photo session! 🙂

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