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Haley & Darren! [Trash The Dress]


Haley & Darren were one of the very first sessions I “blogged”! I shot their engagement photos last year and we automatically clicked! I was definitely thrilled when she e-mailed me about doing a “Trash The Dress” session for her and Darren!

She said they would like to do the session in the same place their wedding ceremony was held, her grandmother’s pond in Brooksville. I jumped up and down at the thought of capturing a bride and groom jumping in a pond with their wedding attire on! So a few months later, Jon and I drove to “Toad Holler”. It had rained most of the day so it was pretty nasty outside but I think it really added to the theme of the session.

We got there and went straight back to the pond to make a splash! Her grandmother’s property was gorgeous and the pond was quaint and well maintained. After we took a bunch of shots in the water, we took a few with Darren’s dirt bike! A little bit later, Haley, Darren, Jon and myself, jumped in the back of a pick-up truck while Haley’s Mom and Grandma drove us to some near by railroad tracks.

While they were walking around on the tracks, we heard a dog barking/running through puddles in the woods and soon after a man drove up on a 4-wheeler asking if we had seen his dog that had run off! We tried to help get the dog for a several minutes, whistling, clapping, and calling his name [which I don’t remember at the moment]. It was something that hadn’t happened in the middle of a shoot before but it was nice helping him out! By the end of the shoot, he caught up with his dog and they lived happily-ever-after. 🙂

Jon was practicing video during the session so once he puts some clips together, I’ll post a link to them on here! Thank you Haley and Darren for being patient for your blog and photos! I greatly appreciate it, you two are AMAZING clients!! Enjoy!

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 xoxo, Tiffany


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  • Great pictures. I love the color and contrast, your composition is very nice. You gave me some good ideas. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!