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Haley & Darren [Engagement Session]

Haley had contacted me a few months ago and due to a full schedule, we had to book it a few months later. She was very excited and had so many creative ideas! When the day of their shoot came, it was raining. OF COURSE. So, we planned it a few days later, and it rained again. Finally, the next date we set worked out great.

Darren and Haley were a joy to be around. Haley and I had similar personalities so you can imagine the goofiness that was shared throughout the shoot. For the last part of their session, we went to the beach and caught a BEAUTIFUL sunset!! (well more so, that time after the sun has already set and the sky starts turning pink and purple!)  I thoroughly enjoyed their engagement shoot and can’t wait for them to see the rest of the pictures.

Haley Engagement Shoot!-001 IMG_4839IMG_5249IMG_5011IMG_5090IMG_5104IMG_4920Haley Engagement Shoot!-002

Tiffany McClure

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