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Gutierrez Family Session | Honeymoon Island


Before this family session, I had only met three of the people you will see in these photos!

I know Celina through her younger sister Marcie, who’s wedding I recently photographed! Celina reached out to me a couple months ago about photographing her In-Laws because it was the first time they had all been together in FIVE years!!! It was a wonderful family reunion and everyone had great personalities and I was laughing pretty much the whole shoot!

They were up for anything I asked them to do for photos, including climbing and sitting on top of rocks for an epic family photo! We also had a couple people who loved watching everyone take group photos and were bummed when we switched to a different spot! Everyone loved them! At the end, I was able to get some beautiful silhouettes of the whole group, I really loved how they turned out!!

I’m so glad that I got to meet this sweet family and hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their session! Thank you guys for being AWESOME.

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^^^^ These two pictures cracked me up!!! She went straight passed her daddy to her mommy! ^^^^

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xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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