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Gary & Stacy Hartog [Family Session]

I feel honored to say that God has blessed me with a very large family! My dad is 1 of 5 children, and my mom is 1 of 8. I’m sure you can imagine the many opportunities i get to take family photos!

That being said, I had an opportunity to take family photos for my Uncle Gary, Aunt Stacy and their 3 handsome boys! My Aunt Stacy asked me while we were at another one of my Uncle’s birthday parties. She said she wanted something a little different, not your “typical family photos on the beach.” I’m glad she said that! I love beach pictures but I would almost always rather find a garden or a park to take pictures in. I found a few alley’s in St. Pete that were perfect for a different kind of background.

Jon has been coming to a bunch of my photo shoots lately and I just LOVE it!! It makes me feel cared for and important. He always wants to help out in any way he can. When we went to St. Pete a little before the shoot, he helped me find the alley’s and I made him pose so I can check my lighting and do some practice shots. He always makes things easier on me. I feel thankful that he wants to go on this journey with me, right by my side.

Some of the pictures of Logan [he’s the oldest] are doubling as his Senior photos! Thank you guys for letting me take your pictures! I love you all and happy to call you guys my family! Here are some of my favorites from their shoot! 🙂


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