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From The Groom’s Perspective: A Lemon’s Drop Review

Ok, first let me say…

“Wow, thank you so much for being interested in my point of view.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.20.00 PM We all know there is a ton of work that goes into planning a wedding. Some people find a miraculous way to easily plan a wedding but I have not a clue how they do it and it’s usually on the smaller side.

Most responsibilities of the wedding planning fall on the bride. Naturally. She wants it to be exactly how she’s envisioned it her entire life. For the groom, it’s usually better to stand clear. I, however, took my chances and braved the storm. I asked if i could help out with anything.

Tiff excitedly replied, “YES!” But we all know who would trump in the end about decisions. For the most part, the man knows the day is going to be amazing. I was able to help with the Invites though!

Invites are a pain in the butt. I’m sure this exists somewhere, but there needs to be a company or person who will hand write all the invites for a bride. I say handwritten because it just adds a feeling of warmth to the cards. Regardless, Tiff and I did all of our cards and I was glad to be apart of it.

For me, my biggest part was organizing the groomsmen. I had people coming from Washington State and even Cali. Love those guys and so thankful they could make it. As we got closer to the “knot tying” (the wedding day), I noticed Tiff was feeling a lot of stress.

I wanted to do more but I also had a full-time job and wasn’t able to devote myself enough to it. The bridesmaids and Tiff’s mom helped out too but we needed a little more help.

Let’s meet Melanie

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.11.56 PM Tiffany found a new company that could help out brides, like a wedding coordinator/planner. At first i was hesitant. As a young male and not in the wedding industry, I didn’t really see the value in that occupation. But let me tell you…

My opinion changed

Tiff told me about Lemon Drops and I agreed just as long as it could take some stress off my bride. I wanted, more than anything, to keep my bride from turning into the dreadful B-word, “bridezilla”. It’s a dreadful word but even scarier show.

Melanie is the Owner and main contact of Lemon Drops. Basically, they can do anything and everything you want/need to plan a wedding (or event). If you need something that they don’t offer, Melanie will go out of her way to find a solution. Her primary job is to make sure you have the very best possible experience on your special day.

The way I best way I like to describe Lemon Drops is a group that brings together all the essentials of a wedding. As for Melanie, she was a huge asset and primarily the main reason our wedding was such a success. In the months leading up, Melanie was the main point of contact for a number of different vendors.

Tiff loved just about every idea Melanie came up with and I could tell that Melanie was genuinely trying to make the wedding the absolute best that it ever could be. She was very easy to get along with and had an almost contagious happiness about her. She was always a joy to meet with.

Melanie gave us not only an outline for planning but was with us during each step of the way. She and her team organized, created, designed, catered, set up, decorated, directed, and much more. They were a complete blessing.

Curious about Melanie and what the entire team at Lemon Drop has to offer? See for yourself, check out all their services and remember just because you can think of something not on her list, doesn’t mean she can’t accommodate.

Melanie helped keep our spirits high and kept Tiff from winding up on that Bridezilla show. She even went out of her way to handle other vendor differences.

For example, a certain vendor was kind of demanding and rude to my bride and Melanie quickly stepped in to handle the conversation allowing Tiff and I to quietly escape. Later Melanie filled us in on the details of her little conversation with that vendor.

Need a Wedding Coordinator or Event Planner?

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.09.52 PM Lemon Drops is an amazing service and an exceptional compliment to any existing vendors you may have already booked. They can do the whole wedding/event completely or fill in the gaps where needed.

They have plenty of testimonies and are even ranked 5 out of 5 stars on Wedding Wire. If you are planning or even thinking about planning an event or wedding, contact Melanie at Lemon Drops Today!

Lastly, to any future grooms that might be reading this, if you can find someone (something or anything) that will relieve some of the stress of your soon-to-be bride, DO IT! You will be glad you did, trust me.

Thanks for reading this long post. I hope you enjoyed hearing my perspective of Lemon Drops. I, also, hope you remember them the next time someone mentions the word “wedding” or “party”.

‘Til next time.

God Bless,
Jon McClure

Jon McClure

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