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Emily + Kenny | Engagement Session | Downtown St. Pete


[Announcement: This couple wed! Check out their Wedding at TheLyceum by Mirror Lake in St. Petersburg]

Emily & Kenny met each other in the 4th grade! In 2009, they started dating and Kenny worked up the courage to ask her to marry him in November 2014. It was November & they were in the heart of Boston sitting on a bench when he got down on one knee to ask her the question she’d been longing to hear after 5 years of dating! 🙂

They told me that after she said YES, another couple walked up to the bench next to theirs and said that they got engaged in that same spot [a bench over] 5 years ago that same day! So each couple had their special bench and it was such a sweet story. After the first time I met Emily & Kenny at Starbucks, I could tell we would definitely click well. They are a laid back, fun loving, genuine down to Earth couple that I couldn’t wait to work with.

At the engagement session, we HAD to find a bench for them to sit on, it only made sense. 🙂 It was an extremely hot evening the day we shot, but were able to cool it down with some gelato which made for some awesome photos! They also brought some freshly baked cookies [that were delicious by the way] and the cutest picnic basket!

Jon & Liam joined in on all the fun and helped lug outfits and props around. At the end of the session, Jon and I tried something that we hadn’t before, a little off camera flash! Kenny & Emily were SUCH great sports standing still for a good 15-20 minutes during our set up and making sure the flashes were firing. I’m happy with how the photos came out and SO thankful that they didn’t mind being the couple we tried our new flashes out on! You guys are AWESOME! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in April 2016, it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you guys enjoy a bunch of my favorites!

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Liam is just hanging out! 🙂 I think he likes going to shoots with us!

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A little behind the scenes photo! 🙂 Jon figuring out the flash settings!


 [Announcement: This couple wed! Check out their Wedding at TheLyceum by Mirror Lake in St. Petersburg]

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