Take me with you! hehe.

Seriously, if you’re not absolutely in love with the photographers in your local area or the area of your venue, consider me!

That’s right, let me be your destination wedding photographer. I’ve have been shooting wedding for 6 years now and recently expanded my offerings to include out-of-state weddings.

I have already don’t several and LOVED it. So, since I would love to get more destination inquires, my husband thought it was time to have this topic as it’s own page. So cool!

Each bride that has contacted me specifically about destination and out-of-state wedding searched tons of photographers and photography companies near their chosen venue but couldn’t find a photographer that was a perfect fit for them, in their budget, and one they were in love with.

It just tickles me when I get these type inquires. If you love my style then might as well consider this option too!

Send me a message through my special wedding contact form.

This will help me get to know you better. You can get to know me better by checking out the About Page and following me on my social networks.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

Tiffany McClure

P.S. Here’s another link to my wedding inquiry form.