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Debbie’s Family Shoot [Family Session]

This family session was full of laughter and silly poses! I’m so glad I was able to take Debbie’s family photos.

Debbie’s son, Jeff, is one of Jon’s closest friends and he’s a complete goofball! Since Jon came with me to the shoot, it made it even more humorous as they joked back and forth. You’ll be able to see that in several of the pictures.

During the shoot, I couldn’t help but keep saying, “You guys are so cute!!”. Well, due to most of my shoots being with couples, babies, and kids, I’m used to saying that. But this family is 75% men, so the word “cute” didn’t really fit and they made that known. Instead, I tried to say, “Aww you all look so manly!” in a man voice of course. That just got more laughs so I just stuck with it. πŸ™‚

We did the shoot at Phillipe Park on a very gloomy day. Luckily, the sky wasn’t too overcast that it would affect the pictures. We worked with the light we had and the pictures turned out really nice! Enjoy!

WEBSITE IMG_0801-1 IMG_0804-1 IMG_0810-1

Typical Jeff.

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Jeff Vs. Nate. Who would you put your money on?


Brother Love!

IMG_0892-1 +WEBSITE3 IMG_0904-1 IMG_0906-1

Now, the word “cute” or “aww” is definitely appropriate here. πŸ™‚

+WEBSITE4 IMG_0918-1 IMG_0922-1 IMG_0866-1 IMG_0851-1 IMG_0839-1 IMG_0929-1 IMG_0950-1 IMG_0964-1 IMG_0966-1 IMG_0974-1 IMG_0971-1 IMG_0973-1

They laughed till they cried!

+WEBSITE5 IMG_0969-1 IMG_0996-1

I may or may not have told them to do this. #awkwardfamilyphoto

IMG_1005-1 IMG_1032-1 IMG_1035-1 +WEBSITE6

Oh boy, he’s gonna kill me for putting this one up. Can’t say I didn’t warn him though!

IMG_1038-1 IMG_1053-1 IMG_1054-1 IMG_1058-1

The manly men!

IMG_1073-1 IMG_1086-1 IMG_1090-1 +WEBSITE7 +WEBSITE8 IMG_1113-1

xoxo- Tiffany


Tiffany McClure

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