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Charles & Pam!! [Wedding]

Charles & Pam115

Before this sweet couples wedding, I hadn’t met them. My friend Laura, of Captured In His Image Photography, referred me to them. [She was the Matron of Honor in their wedding!] They live in Kansas and were planning their wedding here so they needed a photographer the weekend we got back from our honeymoon! Though that was quick to get back to work, I took the job! I’m so glad I did! πŸ™‚

Charles and Pam’s wedding took place on the beautiful, Anna Maria Island. I had never been there before and was extremely delighted when I got there! There were colorful buildings, beach shops everywhere, little cottages lining the road and a delicious sandwich shop that my sweet husband grabbed me lunch from!

The weather started out pretty hot, but by the time dancing started, a nice breeze filled the tent! We were so thankful for that. My favorite part of the night was a long conga line that lasted for a good 10 minutes with Pam’s adorable nephew leading the line! You could tell everyone had a wonderful time at the wedding and Jon and I are so glad we could play a part in your special day!

Enjoy the pictures!! As always, I had a very difficult time choosing which ones for the blog…so there is A LOT. You’re welcome! πŸ˜‰ Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Edward!! I wish you guys many, many years of happiness together! <3

Charles & Pam9 Charles & Pam10 Charles & Pam11 Charles & Pam12 Charles & Pam13 Collages14 Charles & Pam14 Charles & Pam15 Charles & Pam16 Charles & Pam17 Charles & Pam18 Charles & Pam19 Charles & Pam20 Charles & Pam21 Charles & Pam22 Charles & Pam23 Charles & Pam24 Charles & Pam25 Charles & Pam26 Charles & Pam27 Charles & Pam28 Charles & Pam29 Charles & Pam30 Charles & Pam31 Charles & Pam32 Charles & Pam33 Charles & Pam34 Charles & Pam35 Charles & Pam36 Charles & Pam37 Charles & Pam38 Charles & Pam39 Charles & Pam40 Charles & Pam41 Charles & Pam42 Charles & Pam43 Charles & Pam44 Charles & Pam45 Charles & Pam46 Charles & Pam47 Charles & Pam48 Charles & Pam49 Charles & Pam50 Charles & Pam51 Charles & Pam52 Charles & Pam53 Charles & Pam54 Charles & Pam55 Charles & Pam56 Charles & Pam57 Charles & Pam58 Charles & Pam59 Charles & Pam60 Charles & Pam61 Charles & Pam62 Charles & Pam63 Charles & Pam64 Charles & Pam65 Charles & Pam66 Charles & Pam67 Charles & Pam68 Charles & Pam69 Charles & Pam70 Charles & Pam71 Charles & Pam72 Charles & Pam73 Charles & Pam74 Charles & Pam75 Charles & Pam76 Charles & Pam77 Charles & Pam78 Charles & Pam79 Charles & Pam80 Charles & Pam81 Charles & Pam82 Charles & Pam83 Charles & Pam84 Charles & Pam85 Charles & Pam86 Charles & Pam87 Charles & Pam88 Charles & Pam89 Charles & Pam90 Charles & Pam91 Charles & Pam92 Charles & Pam93 Charles & Pam94 Charles & Pam95 Charles & Pam96 Charles & Pam97 Charles & Pam8 Charles & Pam98 Charles & Pam99 Charles & Pam100 Charles & Pam101 Charles & Pam102 Charles & Pam103 Charles & Pam104 Charles & Pam105 Charles & Pam106 Charles & Pam107 Charles & Pam108 Charles & Pam109 Charles & Pam110 Charles & Pam111 Charles & Pam112 Charles & Pam113 Charles & Pam114 Charles & Pam115 Charles & Pam116 Charles & Pam117 Charles & Pam118 Charles & Pam119 Charles & Pam120 Charles & Pam121 Charles & Pam122 Charles & Pam123 Charles & Pam124 Charles & Pam125 Charles & Pam126 Charles & Pam127 Charles & Pam128 Charles & Pam129 Charles & Pam130 Charles & Pam131 Charles & Pam132 Charles & Pam133 Charles & Pam134 Charles & Pam135 Charles & Pam136 Charles & Pam137 Charles & Pam138 Charles & Pam139 Charles & Pam140 Charles & Pam141 Charles & Pam142 Charles & Pam143 Charles & Pam144 Charles & Pam145 Charles & Pam146


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