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Chad & Amanda [Wedding]

You may be thinking, “Why is Tiffany putting up a blog when Chad & Amanda’s wedding was almost a year ago?”

Well, I am in the process of making a portfolio of my best work for a new section on the blog. During my searching through old hard drives, engagement shoots and weddings from 2011-2013, I found a folder of Chad and Amanda’s wedding. 1600 photos, UNEDITED! If you know me, you could probably guess that I was jumping for joy.

I’m thinking, wow, pictures from almost a year ago. I have a new style of editing, I have more experience, I blog now, and my new website doesn’t have many weddings for people to look at to decide if they want me to photograph their wedding or not. Also, I was the second shooter for their wedding, Esther Louise was the main shooter. What an awesome opportunity to blog a wedding from my point of view as a second shooter!

So, I edited my favorites from the day and put together a blog for you guys! I’ve known Chad and Amanda since high school, so it was such a cool experience watching them get married. They wrote their own vows and I couldn’t help but tear up because the love they have for God and each other is so apparent. It’s truly beautiful. They also saved their first kiss as a couple for the day they said “I do”.  Amanda’s reaction was priceless. So glad it was caught on camera. 🙂

It was very awesome getting to work beside Esther Louise because I have always loved her work and find it inspiring. She gave me some great tips and it was beneficial for me  to watch her in action since she’s more experienced than I am. I appreciate her help and her passion for photography.

Chad & Amanda, I love you guys dearly and am so honored that I got to witness and capture such a special day in your lives!

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Such pretty detail on Amanda’s dress!

+WEBSITE4 +WEBSITE5 IMG_7821-1 IMG_7831-1

Amanda, you’re absolutely gorgeous!! Such a radiant smile!

IMG_7836-1 IMG_7846-1 +WEBSITE6 IMG_7858-1 IMG_7893-1 +WEBSITE7 IMG_7895-1 +WEBSITE8 IMG_7902-1

Her bouquet was definitely a favorite of all the one’s I’ve seen.

IMG_7976-1 +WEBSITE9 IMG_7982-1 IMG_7983-1 IMG_7991-1 IMG_7997-1 IMG_8000-1 IMG_8006-1 IMG_8007-1 +WEBSITE10

Such a natural beauty.

IMG_8034-1 +WEBSITE11 IMG_8045-1 IMG_8125-1 +WEBSITE12

Chad & Amanda had a huge bridal party and that always makes for fun pictures!

IMG_8142-1 IMG_8154-1

These are some of the cutest bridal party pictures I’ve taken! Everyone is just full of joy.

IMG_8159-1 IMG_8155-1


IMG_8161-1 +WEBSITE13 IMG_8152-1 +WEBSITE15 +WEBSITE14 IMG_8184-1 IMG_8186-1 IMG_8218-1 +WEBSITE16

Really liked their cake! 🙂

+WEBSITE17 IMG_8231-1 IMG_8257-1 +WEBSITE22 +WEBSITE21 IMG_8353-1 +WEBSITE20 IMG_8357-1 IMG_8370-1 IMG_8379-1 FOOD!-001

Praying before the ceremony is said to calm your nerves and it’s a time where you can tell each other how excited you are to marry them. So sweet.

+WEBSITE18 IMG_8392-1

Chad lookin’ spiffy for his soon-to-be wife!

IMG_8393-1 IMG_8474-1 IMG_8486-1 IMG_8494-1 IMG_8501-1

Oh yea! They’re cool!


So much happiness!

+WEBSITE19 IMG_8664-1 IMG_8814-1 IMG_8817-1 +WEBSITE25 IMG_8829-1 IMG_8833-1 +WEBSITE29 +WEBSITE26

First kiss!


Amanda’s reaction!!! FANTASTIC!

+WEBSITE27 IMG_8860-1 IMG_8862-1

As they walked down the isle, she said, “WOW! Can we do that again?!”


Annnd then it started to sprinkle.

+WEBSITE28 IMG_8978-1 IMG_8986-1 IMG_8989-1

Then it started to pour!


But they embraced it. 🙂

+WEBSITE32 IMG_9038-1 IMG_9045-1 IMG_9062-1 IMG_9073-1 IMG_9053-1 IMG_9105-1 IMG_9196-1 IMG_9192-1 +WEBSITE23 IMG_9184-1 IMG_9174-1 IMG_9217-1 IMG_9262-1 IMG_9282-1 IMG_9443-1 IMG_9448-1 IMG_9459-1

Father-daughter & Mother-son dances were so touching.



If you’d like to contact me about photographing your wedding, please head to the contact page and shoot me an e-mail! I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Tiffany McClure

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