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Brittany’s Headshots [Portrait Session]

Let’s see, where to start. Brittany and I have known each other since 2005! We went to the same church, school, and graduated the same year. Since then we’ve stayed in the same circle of friends and see each other almost every Monday night for ladies fellowship.

In 2009 she had the opportunity to get scholarships by doing pageants. That year she won the title, “Miss Pinellas County”. In 2010 she got the title, “Miss St. Petersburg.” After both pageants she went to Miss Florida and earned scholarship money and pursued nursing school. Now days she is a nurse, helping people every day! Now, being 23, she has one more opportunity to compete for the Miss America organization before aging out.

I got the privilege to take her head-shots last week! The day we scheduled turned out to be rainy, muggy, humid, and all the things you wouldn’t want the weather to do before a photoshoot. We decided to try our best to make it work anyway. I am SO glad we did! I brought my reflector and our good friend Emily [who is a wonderful make-up artist] came along and helped throughout the entire shoot. I’m very thankful she came. She consistently touched up Brittany’s make-up and hair, held the reflector, and helped make Brittany laugh. At one point, we were trying to get Brittany’s hair to look wind blown, so Emily took the reflector and was waving it up and down and side to side…which didn’t work for the look we were going for, but it had the 3 of us laughing so hard! Such a good time.

At the end of the shoot, the three of us went to lunch at Panera and stuffed our faces. Perfect way to end any shoot. Did I mention how much I love food? Yea I’m a fat kid at heart.

Now that I’ve made myself hungry, I’ll let you enjoy seeing how the photos turned out! πŸ™‚


Rainy, shmainy. We TOTALLY got this shoot!

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This is Emily! She’s a fantastic make-up artist! There’s a link to her facebook fan page at the top and bottom of the article. Check her out!

IMG_1225-1 IMG_1221-1

Time for touch ups!

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Gotta make sure that hair looks good!


LOVE your earrings Brittany!

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This is when Emily was using the reflector as a fan! So funny!!


A little cheek bone exercise! She couldn’t take how much we were making her laugh. πŸ™‚

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Emily did a beautiful job on her make-up!

IMG_1460-1 Β  +WEBSITE8

Absolutely. Delicious.

IMG_1484-1 IMG_1486-1


Makeup by: Makeup by Emily Ann

Tiffany McClure

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