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Baby Savannah [Newborn Session]

This is shoot number 3 for the Bosse family! I’ve gotta say that I love working with them. I am so excited that their family has now grown to 3! [4 counting Zoey!] Baby Savannah is absolutely beautiful.

I went over to their apartment around 11 and we shot for 2 hours. Newborn sessions are always interesting because you never know what will happen! Babies are so unpredictable. With that said, Josh was very surprised when Savannah decided to tinkle all over his arm as I was taking photos! I tried so hard to hold back my laughter. ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoey made sure to protect Savannah the whole time! It was very cute to watch.

Savannah also decided she wanted to stay wide awake for the session! Her bright blue eyes followed the camera around as I walked around for a nice variety of shots. I wonder what she was thinking.

After the session, I was able to hold her for a little while and immediately get baby fever. She is just absolutely adorable. Thank you Danielle and Josh for letting me take pictures of your family of 4!

Enjoy! [If you want to view their gender reveal or maternity session, just click the words!]


Zoey is such a model.

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Look at those beautiful eyes!


“My pillow!!”

IMG_1601-1 IMG_1605-1 IMG_1594-1 Savannah Newborn +WEBSITE14

Of course we had to make sure Zoey is in the family photo!

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“Whats up?!”

+WEBSITE13 IMG_1579-1

Zoey’s making sure no one messes with her new baby sister!

IMG_1734-1 IMG_1763-1

I really like this collage of pictures!

Savannah Newborn1-001 IMG_1758-1 Savannah Newborn3

I love that she’s pointing to “Daddy’s Girl”!


xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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