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Baby Eva [Newborn Session]

Balloons, lace tents, and baby Eva in a basket! This newborn session has definitely become a favorite of mine.

Baby Eva [It’s pronounced like “Ava”] is an absolutely adorable little girl, just a few days old. She slept for almost the entire session…which is completely normal unheard of! Elizabeth and Kurt were very pleasant to work with and I’m so grateful that God blesses me with the best clients!

Elizabeth is a music teacher and the music director at their church. Her and Kurt met while they were both singing with the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay [and are currently sing together with the Festival Singers of Florida] , so music plays a big part in their relationship. Kurt brought his guitar and when Eva needed to be fed, he played some music while Elizabeth fed her. During that time I was taking detail shots of a few artsy blocks that spelled out E V A and as I turned to walk towards them, I saw the cutest shot of them from behind.  SNAP! Had to get it. 🙂

They let me bring a bunch of balloons, [I’ve been wanting to use balloons as props for a long time!] and a basket. Of course, my first thought was to tie them to the basket like in the movie “UP”! 🙂 It turned out just like I imagined and I was very happy they trusted me with my vision for the pictures.

Towards the end of the session, we ran into another couple and their baby girl getting their pictures taken as well. The little girl was turning 1 and the photographer was extremely sweet! She let us use her lace tent set up and I let her use the balloons. Such a great swap for the last 15 minutes! Baby Eva definitely relaxed under the tent, sprawled out and everything. The entire session went great and I’m so excited to show you all the photos! Enjoy!

  Eva Newborn Eva Newborn-001 Eva Newborn-002 Eva Newborn1 Uploads for FB1 Eva Newborn2 Eva Newborn3 Collages Eva Newborn4 Uploads for FB2 Eva Newborn6 IMG_5127-1 Eva Newborn5 Eva Newborn9 evalogo IMG_5172-1 Eva Newborn10 Eva Newborn11 Eva Newborn8 Eva Newborn7 Eva Newborn12 IMG_5142-1 Eva Newborn13 Eva Newborn14 Eva Newborn15 IMG_5227-1 IMG_5230-1 Uploads for FB3 IMG_5232-1 Eva Newborn16 Eva Newborn17 Eva Newborn18 IMG_5259-1 Eva Newborn19 Eva Newborn20 IMG_5281-1 IMG_5252-1 IMG_5336-1 IMG_5339-1 IMG_5365-1 Eva Newborn21 Eva Newborn22 Eva Newborn23 Eva Newborn24 IMG_5373-1

xoxo, Tiff

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