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Ashtyn! [Senior Session]

This Senior Session has been one of my absolute favorites! I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the weather was and how the soft creamy sunlight overflowed into the photos.

I’ve known Ashtyn and her mom Kali through church for quite a while. I have taken engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn sessions for Kali’s niece & nephew, Susie and Josh. [who now feel like family to me!] I was so excited when she asked me to take Ashtyn’s senior photos!

At our consultation, they had plenty of fun ideas and had planned out a few different props they’d like to bring [which always helps!]. Then, the day of the shoot we met in St. Pete and were at amazed at the perfect weather. When they opened the doors and the trunk of their car, PROPS GALORE!! I was in heaven! They brought different pieces of furniture, a blanket, knitting supplies, a vase and flower, a lantern, COOKIES, orange juice and a few other nick-nacks that really added to the shoot. Ashtyn’s personality definitely shined through the photos.

She is a cheerleader for Indian Rocks Christian School and also enjoys knitting! She has actually started her own business called “Whimsical – By Ashtyn” and makes little baby hats, scarfs, flowers, etc. She is SO quick at it too! It was amazing to watch her! She also loves journaling and reading her bible. Yea, she’s pretty fantastic!

At the end of the session, I said goodbye to them and Jon picked me up. When I opened the door there were flowers on the seat! He loves to surprise me. πŸ™‚ That’s definitely a nice thing to come back from a shoot and see. I’m definitely blessed to have a job that I’m extremely passionate about it and a man who loves me and is so sweet to me.

Enjoy the pictures! I had a VERY hard time picking my favorites for the blog! πŸ™‚ [Click the photo to make them bigger!]

Ashtyn Senior3 Ashtyn Senior3-001 Ashtyn Senior3-002 Ashtyn Senior4 Ashtyn Senior5 Ashtyn Senior6 Ashtyn Senior7 Ashtyn Senior8 Ashtyn Senior9 Ashtyn Senior10 Ashtyn Senior12 IMG_5492-1 Ashtyn Senior13 Ashtyn Senior14-1 Ashtyn Senior11 IMG_5491-1 IMG_5531-1 Ashtyn Senior14 Ashtyn Senior15 IMG_5633-1 Ashtyn Senior22 Ashtyn Senior16 Ashtyn Senior17 Ashtyn Senior23 Ashtyn Senior24 Ashtyn Senior25 Ashtyn Senior18 Ashtyn Senior19 Ashtyn Senior21 Ashtyn Senior20 IMG_5666-1 Ashtyn Senior26 Ashtyn Senior27 Ashtyn Senior28 Ashtyn Senior29 Ashtyn Senior30 Ashtyn Senior31

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. – Proverbs 31:25

Ashtyn Senior32 IMG_5758-1 Ashtyn Senior33 Ashtyn Senior34 Ashtyn Senior35 Ashtyn Senior36 IMG_5794-1 Ashtyn Senior38 Ashtyn Senior37 Ashtyn Senior39 Ashtyn Senior40 Ashtyn Senior41 Ashtyn Senior44 Ashtyn Senior42 Ashtyn Senior43 Ashtyn Senior45 Ashtyn Senior46 Ashtyn Senior47 Ashtyn Senior48 IMG_5999-1

This girl is absolutely gorgeous!!

Ashtyn Senior-002 Ashtyn Senior49 Ashtyn Senior1-001 Ashtyn Senior50 Ashtyn Senior52 Ashtyn Senior51

This is what I opened the car door to find! πŸ™‚ He’s always pursuing!

Ashtyn Senior53

xoxo, Tiff

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