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Ashley| Portrait Session| Largo Central Park


Most of you guys don’t know this, but I recently just purchased a new camera that I’ve been saving up for, for quite a while, the Canon 5D Mark iii. There is no doubt that from the first picture I took with it, I LOVED it.

The pictures are crisp, clear, and just all around beautiful!! But since I have shoots coming up and haven’t had a chance to really learn the camera, I figured it would be smart to do a test session and ask a friend of mine to model. I asked my sweet friend Ashley, day of and she said YES! I just love doing spur of the moment photoshoots. She face-timed me and we picked out two outfits, jewelry and talked about how she would do her hair. Then she asked if I could do her eye make-up…now, I’m definitely no make-up artist, but I said “sure!” and it turned out pretty darn good. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did I mention that we shot at 10:30 AM? I very rarely shoot in the morning, so it was a new experience for me. The lighting was very bright, which I ended up liking, but we had to find areas that were mostly shaded. It provided the best lighting and kept us cooler. I also made sure to have her back towards the sun for 80% of the photos because it kept weird shadows off of her face.

I also had Liam, so I wore him in my new Tula baby carrier that is extremely comfy and he slept almost the entire time. The session was a breeze and we had so much fun laughing and shooting! Thank you Ashley so much for letting me practice on you last minute! You are stinkin’ awesome and absolutely gorgeous! Here are some of my favorites from her session! I know you guys will love them!

PS. If you want to book a shoot, please head to the contact page! [after you look through the photos of course! ;)]

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xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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