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Amy & Ben Wright [Wedding]

I’m extremely excited to put Ben and Amy’s wedding on the blog, but for now, I’m just going to give you a teaser! πŸ˜‰ [Yes, the point of this post is to tease you so you’ll get excited about your photos!]

You’ll have to wait a little longer for the real deal!….oh wait! No you don’t, here’s their blog, FINALLY!

So I have been on vacation and haven’t had the time to update my blog until now, so I’m sorry for the delay.

Here we go! Amy and I met each other through the Tree, a college bible study at Idlewild, a wonderful church in Lutz, Fl. Several months ago I got the opportunity to take her and Ben’s engagement pictures in Downtown St. Pete! They turned out beautiful and their shoot was definitely an all time favorite. During the shoot I got to hear their cute story of how they met.

It was through a dating website [which has become a very popular way of finding love over the past 2 years] called “Plenty of Fish”. Let me tell you, they talked non-stop for a few weeks, met up and completely hit it off. Amy found her Nemo! They dated for a little over 3 months and then he surprised her by proposing in her classroom [she’s a teacher] right before the kids got there! How extremely adorable is that?! When you know, you know! He didn’t waste any time at all! That’a boy Ben! πŸ™‚

They are one of the happiest couples I have ever seen! Their wedding was full of cute signs, non stop giggling at the alter [due to the reading of their cutesy letters written to each other ], beautiful trees – EVERYWHERE, kind words/toasts from dozens of friends and family, a lively bridal party [which I loved!] and smiles all around. It was just pure happiness throughout the whole thing, even when we all thought it was going to down pour! It was a joy to be able to capture their special day and witness the special love they have for each other, that nowadays is very rare.

Now for the photos of their special day! Enjoy!

IMG_6563-1 IMG_6567-1 IMG_6559-1 IMG_6586-1 IMG_6596-1

I love capturing the laughs!

IMG_6599-1 IMG_6604-1 IMG_6606-1

Amy’s bridesmaids prayed with her before the ceremony.

IMG_6640-1 IMG_6658-1 +Edited Ben & Amy IMG_6676-1 IMG_6680-1 IMG_6702-1 IMG_6704-1 IMG_6726-1 WEBSITE10 WEBSITE3 WEBSITE2 WEBSITE1 WEBSITE IMG_6749-1 IMG_6754-1 IMG_6759-1 IMG_6802-1 WEBSITE14 WEBSITE4 WEBSITE6 WEBSITE5 WEBSITE7 IMG_6861-2 IMG_6873-2 IMG_6882-2 IMG_6887-2 IMG_6901-2 IMG_6913-2 IMG_6920-2

I think it’s beautiful when couples want to pray before despite not being able to see eahother!

IMG_6934-2 IMG_6938-2 IMG_6961-2 IMG_6965-2 IMG_6973-2

All of their signs added a cutesy touch!

IMG_7001-2 IMG_7002-2 IMG_7004-2 IMG_7008-2

His first view of his little girl on her wedding day! πŸ™‚

IMG_7023-2 IMG_7025-2 IMG_7027-2 IMG_7034-2 WEBSITE8 IMG_7067-2

The wedding may or may not have started on time due to the rain…but everyone had a great attitude about it πŸ™‚

IMG_7070-2 IMG_7085-2 WEBSITE9 IMG_7120-2 IMG_7125-2 IMG_7133-2 IMG_7137-2 IMG_7142-2 IMG_7149-2 IMG_7155-2 IMG_7160-2 IMG_7163-2 IMG_7164-2 IMG_7167-2 IMG_7174-2 IMG_7177-2 IMG_7182-2 IMG_7188-2 IMG_7193-2 IMG_7198-2 IMG_7202-2 IMG_7209-2 IMG_7210-2 IMG_7212-2 IMG_7207-2 IMG_7214-2 IMG_7222-2bw IMG_7223-2 IMG_7226-2 IMG_7228-2 IMG_7229-2 IMG_7238-2 IMG_7244-2 IMG_7246-2 IMG_7256-2

Saw a new kind of tradition at their wedding. They washed each others feet like it says in the Bible! What a cool way to show your love for the other person.

IMG_7278-2 IMG_7285-2 IMG_7289-2 IMG_7295-2 IMG_7299-2 IMG_7314-2 IMG_7345-2 WEBSITE11 WEBSITE12 IMG_7349-2 IMG_7353-2 IMG_7366-2 IMG_7373-2 IMG_7374-2 IMG_7378-2 IMG_7453-3 IMG_7462-4 IMG_7477-8 IMG_7487-11 IMG_7496-2 IMG_7497-2 IMG_7506-2 IMG_7510-2 IMG_7513-2 IMG_7520-2 IMG_7542-2 IMG_7544-2 IMG_7552-2 IMG_7561-2 IMG_7567-2 IMG_7569-2 IMG_7575-4 IMG_7582-5 IMG_7640-2 WEBSITE13 IMG_7663-2 IMG_7668-2 IMG_7676-2 IMG_7686-2 IMG_7710-2 IMG_7728-2 IMG_7740-2 IMG_7758-2 IMG_7805-2 IMG_7806-2 IMG_7812-2 IMG_7824-2 IMG_7840-2 IMG_7864-2 IMG_7895-2 IMG_7905-2 IMG_7908-2 IMG_7916-2 IMG_7919-2 IMG_7930-3 IMG_7932-4 IMG_7935-6 WEBSITE18 WEBSITE17 WEBSITE16 WEBSITE15 PicMonkey Collage logoIMG_7825-001 logoIMG_7803-001

IMG_7836 IMG_7961-2

IMG_7050-2 IMG_7054-2 IMG_7997-9 IMG_8007-2 IMG_8012-4 IMG_8020-2 IMG_8032-2 IMG_8064-8 IMG_8070-10 IMG_8081-14 IMG_8097-18 IMG_8106-3 IMG_8111-5 IMG_8196-7 IMG_8210-2 IMG_8214-2 IMG_8215-2 IMG_8232-2 IMG_8238-2 IMG_8278-12 IMG_8298-15 IMG_8307-20 IMG_8308-2 IMG_8318-3 IMG_8343-11 IMG_8352-15 IMG_8358-16 IMG_8419-8 IMG_8429-11 IMG_8440-13 IMG_8454-18 IMG_8466-2 IMG_8470-2 IMG_8496-8 IMG_8504-11 IMG_8508-13 IMG_8512-15 IMG_8514-16 IMG_8516-18 IMG_8517-19 IMG_8522-2 IMG_8529-6 IMG_8532-8 IMG_8536-11 IMG_8538-12 IMG_8541-13 IMG_8550-16 IMG_8551-17 IMG_8556-19 IMG_8561-20 IMG_8565-2 IMG_8572-4 IMG_8615-16 IMG_8626-21 IMG_8627-22 IMG_8629-23 IMG_8639-27 IMG_8641-28 IMG_8668-38 IMG_8672-40 IMG_8683-44 IMG_8698-2 IMG_8702-4 IMG_8708-7 IMG_8710-8 IMG_8712-9 IMG_8727-12 IMG_8763-16 IMG_8770-19 IMG_8774-21 IMG_8776-2 IMG_8782-26 IMG_8783-27 IMG_8792-28 IMG_8794-29 IMG_8801-32 IMG_8810-35


Venue- Woodmont Clubhouse, Tampa FL

Tiffany McClure

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