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Amanda + Josh | Engagement Session | Downtown Dunedin


It has been way too long since I’ve blogged a session. So sorry for that, friends!

I will be getting caught up with blogging over the next couple weeks and there’s a very good chance the sessions won’t be in order that they were shot in. πŸ™‚

Now, on to who this post is actually about! Amanda and Josh!! I met this sweet couple for the first time YESTERDAY. We had talked a little through e-mail and over the phone about where their session will take place. They chose for the starting location to be at the Dunedin Brewery because that’s where their first date was!

I love when couples incorporate places that are meaningful to them for our shoot locations! So I met them there with Liam and my friend Brittany joined us and strolled him around while I shot! [ Gotta love friends who are totally willing to help out! ] Also, all of their outfits were spot on awesome! I’m going to send couples who aren’t sure what to wear straight to this post! πŸ™‚

After we took photos at the Brewery, we walked along the sidewalk and photogenic locations pretty much popped up right in front of our eyes! The sunlight was gorgeous and made for some perfectly lit photos. Towards the very end, I asked them to dance with each other on the front lawn of a law firm building ask I sang “L, is for the way you loooook at me! O, is for the only one I seeee!”….and so on until I finished the word! It was hilarious and I love that they didn’t mind my goofy singing!

I definitely enjoyed capturing their engagement session and am so excited to share a bunch of my favorites with you all! <3 Enjoy!

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xoxo, Tiff

Tiffany McClure

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